3 Mistakes That Keep You Struggling To Get Your Book Out There

If you’re like many authors who struggle to get their book out there and feel:

  • Disappointed that your book isn’t getting the credit it deserves
  • Frustrated that now your book is published, it’s not bringing in the revenue you expected, and you can barely break even on your book project
  • Tired of promoting your book without results

Then you might be making these three mistakes:

Mistake No. 1. No Audience Profile

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The first mistake many authors make is that of not having an audience profile. What do I mean?

When it comes to your book, your audience is your readership. It’s that special group of readers who just love what you write and it speaks to them, to their pain, and fills a need for them. So whatever your genre, whatever your story, you want to begin thinking about who is going to benefit most from your book and how?

Identifying your audience will also impact where you choose to network. Do network at two levels:

  • Network within your industry for growth, personal development, continuous learning, and to indirectly increase your sales.
  • Network with your target audience to directly impact your sales. Become that go to person, so that when your audience needs a solution they come to you.

Identifying your audience is the key to standing out and establishing yourself as an expert and leader in your field. However, to be able to reach a very wide audience, you will need a platform from which to launch your message. This takes us to the second mistake which many authors make – having an author’s platform that is not working for you.

Mistake No. 2. Weak Author’s Platform


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Once you’ve identified your audience, you will want to create a space from which you can reach out to them – your platform. You need to have a strong, solid foundation from which you can serve your audience and share your message and your book. Most, if not at all times, this foundation refers to your website supported by your social networks – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter…

Your author’s platform starts with your blog or website where your followers can come to find out more about you, your writing, and your book. This central point is your launch pad and landing page for your brand. It is the place where you share your message, raise your visibility, and build connections.

There is so much you can do to build a thriving brand from your author platform: you can sell your books; share your products; prepare your audience for your new books; and build a following, keeping your community informed of your events: book signings, promotions, and live events.

Do include the right features on your blog to allow you to build your community and connect regularly with your audience using various forms of content. Take some time today and view your blog from the eyes of a visitor. Are all the essential ingredients there? Do you have information there that will help your readers connect with you and leave them wanting to know more? Have you included a means for them to connect with you at a deeper level as they desire to learn more? This takes us to the third mistake…

Mistake No. 3
No Reader-connecting Entryway


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While your website is your platform, it would be a mistake not to include on it a means for your readers to get to know you and to find out if what you’re offering is right for them and whether your message resonates with them.

Turn your web-site into a connecting entryway by including an opt-in page where you give your visitors an exciting reason to share their name and/or email address with you.

This will help you to start building your list of persons who have shown an interest in your message and who become your database of potential clients. This list becomes your audience, whom you’ll nurture and build relationships with, over time. However, now that you’ve created your opt-in, how do you draw people into becoming part of your community?

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