3 Productivity Tips to Your 6-Figure Author Business

We all have so much to do that it is easy to lose sight of our goals and spend time running around doing so many tasks that yield minimal results. If we apply the Pareto Principle to your book marketing efforts you will find that many of the activities that you spend so much time doing, are actually yielding only about twenty per cent of your results.

Pareto Principle

What does that mean for you as you grow your author business and reach out to impact more lives? It means that you should really begin valuing your time and look at how you’re investing your marketing time. Here are three tips to help you:

  • Value Your Time. Consider your time as money. Do this. How many seconds are there in a day? I’m sure you got it, 86,400 right? Suppose these seconds were actually dollars? How much money would you have to spend today? $86,400 right? What would you do with that money? Bear in mind that if you do not spend it you’re going to lose it. Also, you cannot save that money for another day, right? So, stop letting others set your agenda. Value your time today; it’s precious and the seconds you do not use wisely, today, is money lost.
  • Plan Your Day. Since you value your time, you now need to plan your day. One of my mentors recommends spending one percent of your day as planning time. One per cent? Yes, that’s fourteen (14) minutes. I’ve tried this and it certainly works for me. Choose the time of day that’s best for you. I like planning the night before as I wake up with a clear picture of what I need to accomplish. Once you plan your day, identify which of these activities are going to be most valuable to you and your business.
  • Delegate. Yes, delegate. As an author you cannot do it all. Look at your tasks and your goals and see which of these you can delegate. You might think that you cannot afford to delegate, but is that true? Rather than take it on a month to month basis, you might want to look at it from a project basis and see aspects of your projects you can outsource. Are there things on your personal time table, too, which you can delegate? Free your time for success.

Knowing where to direct your marketing efforts and identifying those areas which give you the greatest results are critical in growing your 6-Figure business. So, value your time, plan your day, and delegate some of your activities to grow a thriving lifestyle business. Apply now for an Author Success Discovery Session and gain clarity on what you should be doing to grow your 6-Figure Author Business.