3 Reasons Why You’re Not Monetizing Your Book

Feeling frustrated that you’ve invested so much in your book and have yet to see the returns? Here are three reasons that could be holding you back and what you can do to get past them.

  1. Waiting for book sales. I understand. Almost every budding author believes that once you’ve written this great book you will sell enough copies to cover the cost of writing (yes that’s a cost — your time) and publishing. True, right? Not according to what I’ve heard from even the most successful authors. Yes, ID-10090652 - frustrated manbook sales are important, however, if you really want to make a living from your book, you will need to identify what I’ll call, by-products. So what else can you sell or share from your books?
  2. Mindset. Ok. You know you’ve written a great book, and perhaps your friends and family know that you’ve written a great book. However, could the: I’m an Author, not a Marketer Mindset be holding you back? To overcome that mindset, start thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur or ‘authopreneur’. You’ve got a great product: your book; you’ve got customers/clients: your readers; you’ve got expenses: your overheads, publishing costs, advertising costs, and so on; you’ve got income: your book sales and if you’re a savvy author income from the by-products of your book…So if you’re an entrepreneur how do you fill your business with your ideal clients? Marketing.
  3. Learning by trial and error. Yes, you can learn by trial and error for free, however, do you have the time? And then, how do you value your time? For a start, how many hours have you spent surfing the net to learn all this social media thing, and the best platforms to use; or what to do with you book, now that you’ve placed it on Amazon; or what else you need to do with your book so you can generate reliable income? Consider where you are now compared to six months ago and imagine what will happen if you continue surfing the net for the next six months, without the focused guidance you need, and take action.

There are so many books out there that it doesn’t take long for a book to fade into obscurity. To get your book out there requires clarity, and consistent, focused action. Take your commitment to getting your book out there to the next level by getting the help and direction you need, to help you recoup the investment in your book.