7 Ways to Re-Purpose your Content and Market your book

You have spent a great deal of time researching the material for your non-fiction book, based on your knowledge and skills. You’ve taken the material and written a much needed and excellent resource for people to study and learn from – your book.  That’s just the first step.

Why stop with just writing a book? There are so many ways you can use this same material to generate income, promote public awareness, and create more products. It’s entirely possible to generate an income potential that is greater than the amount you will receive from your book sales. Here are seven ways to re-purpose your content:

  1. Public Speaking ~ As someone who is now considered an expert in your field, you can build a career as a public speaker about your topic. These events increase the potential for more book sales and can be recorded as audios and sold as videos, or transcribed into eBooks or Reports.
  2. Articles ~ Publish articles in both online and print magazines as well as newspapers. The material and content can be recycled and slanted differently without printing the same article repeatedly.
  3. Seminars and Workshops ~ By teaching workshops or seminars you will have an opportunity to educate others about your topic, add income, and add to your professional image. Teach your courses online or as live classes.
  4. Lady holding CD -- ID-10092733Audio ~ Turn your book into downloadable MP3’s, or physical CD’s and DVD’s. Package them together into a box and ship to your customers.
  5. Coaching ~ Are there others who need help with your topic and would benefit from having a coach?  You could coach your clients in person, by telephone, via email, in a one-one-on-one setting over a few weeks or months. This will depend on your topic and their level of need.
  6. Videos ~ The articles you have written may be converted into videos that can be sold in segments or as a package. Your speaking events can also be videotaped and sold in the same way.
  7. Interviews ~ Use the material from your book as a basis for interviews, when the media comes calling, or you can interview other experts and these can be taped and sold either as a transcribed report or in an audio format.

The actual writing of your book is just the start of your business. Build a lucrative business from your book by creating products which will generate multiple streams of income and grow your community.

It will take a little bit of brainstorming to come up with ideas on how to re-purpose your content, however, once you get started the ideas will flow. Get started by reviewing your existing content. Sign up for a Discovery Session and learn how you can build your book into a lucrative online brand.