Are you a non-fiction business author ready to fuel excellence and reach wider audiences with your message? What are you doing to market your book and what has been your successes? Amazon and the Internet has changed the way authors publish and market books.  You and your book now have access to a global audience. Therefore, taking advantage of the online book marketing revolution is the sensible thing to do, and will create the greatest impact while positioning you as a leader in your field.  I’d love to help you do this and invite you to join this 90-day Book Marketing Mastery Program for non-fiction business authors.

I am Eunice Nisbett of Savvy BestSellers and I work with non-fiction business authors who have a vision for their books and desperately want to reach Eunice with bordertheir audiences with their message to fuel excellence, yet sometimes feel so overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities that come with marketing their books.

I have been offering my clients the opportunity to partner with me to build lucrative online brands which position them as leaders in their fields, using the techniques I have learned from my training as an Online Book Marketing Specialist and from my conversations with best selling authors on what has worked in marketing their books. I have also been able to apply training as a Virtual Events Specialist, to help these clients decide on their options for launching their speaking careers. As a result of taking advantage of my offer and their strategic book marketing choices, these clients have seen their books being picked up by readers in new places and even make it to the Amazon best sellers list.

When award winning entrepreneur, and non-fiction business author  Julian Hall approached me about partnering with him to market his new book “Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game”, I did not hesitate. I was thrilled to provide book marketing support  and coach Julian on the techniques we needed to use to increase the visibility of the book, and powerfully position it on Amazon to create a bestseller. We also looked at how he could use speaking and eCourses to build his book business. Julian has continued to use these techniques in marketing his book and has since gone on to share some of those techniques with authors. Click the player below to listen in on my conversation with Julian, as he shares how he benefited from my support and coaching.


julian's photo with slight smile[testimonial1_arial author=”Julian Hall,“]”Eunice played a key role in getting me onto the Amazon best sellers list and eventually to no.1 in my category. She showed a huge willingness to help and guided me to spot opportunities that propelled me on to success. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest tech developments which helps a great deal. I would highly recommend Eunice as a book marketing strategist and coach. If you want to become a best-selling author, there’s no-one better to work with.”[/testimonial1_arial] Do you feel so busy and overwhelmed with marketing your book that you do not have time to focus on what matters most? Through my Book Marketing Mastery coaching programme authors learn to embrace the marketing guru within, build confidence in promoting their book and sharing their message, become time management experts – using tools and techniques to get more done in less time, embrace speaking, and have a lot more time for writing and with their families. They have experienced the relief of being able to take their books to new and varied audiences without leaving their homes. Others have been able to expand their speaking careers and reach out to global audiences.

  • Are you a non-fiction business author who is ready to build a lucrative online brand yet do not know where to start?
  • Have you lost focus, trying every new social media platform as you work to build your brand?
  • Do you want to bring clarity and focus to your book marketing?
  • Are you still using the old methods of marketing your book?
  • Do you want to develop new audiences who just love what you write and look forward to receiving your content?
  • Do you want to increase your visibility, credibility, and sales?

If so, then this program is for you. Let me show you how to bring clarity and focus to your book marketing, to position you as a leader in your field and create your lucrative online brand.

PS This program is not for you if you: do not want to share your message globally;  wrote your book simply as an experiment in writing; and wrote your book only for your family and friends.

[testimonial1_arial author=”Giftus John, Author”]”When Eunice and I connected about providing SONY DSConline book marketing for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, I was totally unaware of the options for marketing my book online. This quickly changed, as she ably guided me on my online book marketing options. I have encountered new avenues for promoting my book, and I have been amazed at the possibilities for branding myself as an author online. She has been a guiding hand in my journey, as she is very knowledgeable and well-versed in what she does. Eunice has been patient and supportive of what I am doing.”[/testimonial1_arial]



[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#5E0000″]What’s the Plan?[/headline_tahoma_medium_left] When you start working with me to leverage your book and your message:
[content_box_red width=”75%”]
  • You will have access to a  thirty minute, one-on-one weekly coaching call, on Tuesdays, for the 90-day period.
  • You will receive a recording of the call.
  • I will review your blog/website and provide recommendations for enhancing your blog and promoting your brand.
  • You will learn how to identify and find your audience.
  • We will discuss your book’s topic and I will  teach you how to research the best categories to help you powerfully position your book on Amazon.
  • You will learn how to create or enhance your Amazon Author Central Profile for maximum impact.
  • We will review your online social media presence and you will learn how to use social media strategies and tools  to leverage your message and boost your sales.
  • I will show you how to launch your career as a speaker to increase your visibility, credibility, and sales.
  • You will learn how to write effective Press Releases that will gain the attention of the media, and I will also show you how to create a Media Kit  which will make you more accessible to the media.
  • You will learn how to coordinate your Virtual Book Tour. I will show you how to choose your tour stops strategically, finding your target audience, to ensure the greatest leverage for your books and your message.
  • You will get permanent access to the Udemy Course Book Marketing in Five where I show you how to get your books noticed fast.
  • You will have email access to me for the duration of the program.
  • I will provide a list of resources to help you leverage your message.
[/content_box_red] ‘Hey’, you may say ‘I’m a business author, I know all about marketing.’ Or, still you may say, ‘There’s no need for any special techniques in marketing a book.’ You may even feel that once you’ve written a great book, people will find you and your book.

However, even the most successful authors have found that without marketing a book, it becomes lost within the millions of book out there and most of all, you do not get to share your message with the world. Think of all the successful authors you know. Do you know them as best ‘writing’ authors, or as ‘best-selling authors’?

In the words of best selling author and international speaker Les Brown, ‘You are the Voice of your Book.’ Indeed, I have found that no single activity will give your book the greatest leverage, rather a comprehensive, carefully planned and timed book marketing plan can impact your visibility, credibility, and sales and improve your results.

[testimonial1_arial author=”Gardenia Destang,“]MEP_6414 - Gardenia - white“Working with Savvy Bestsellers was indeed a pleasure and a great learning experience.  I found Eunice to be extremely resourceful, helpful, encouraging and motivating! Her very optimistic personality kept me committed when I felt like giving up! Working with Eunice also taught me that writing a book is great, but marketing and getting people to know about your work is a completely different thing!  It taught me the value of marketing and investing in various strategies to make your book a bestseller and I was indeed thrilled to watch my book become a bestseller both on the Free and Paid bestseller lists on Amazon. In addition, Becoming Me was listed among Conversations’ Top 50 Fiction Titles for 2013. Thank you, Eunice!”[/testimonial1_arial]


[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#5E0000″]The Results[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

This comprehensive 90-day Book Marketing Mastery Program is designed to bring clarity to your book marketing, keep you focused.

My aim is to get you started on marketing your book online or to enhance your book marketing efforts so that you can create your lucrative online brand and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Within the first 30 days you would have gained clarity on your target audience and where you can reach them. You would also have received the tools to help you enhance your platform, thus increasing its visibility.

By the end of the 90 days you will:

  • Feel confident about promoting your book and sharing your message.
  • Be able to boost your visibility, credibility, and sales through effective positioning strategies
  • Know how to organize your virtual book tour, taking your book to new global audiences from the comfort of your home.
  • Discover strategies for launching or enhancing your speaking career.
  • Have a solid Book Marketing Plan, tailored just for you and your book, for taking you through the rest of 2014 and beyond.

You will also begin to build on your social media following and begin to grow your list, to develop a ready community for sharing your message and promoting your book products and/or your new book. Once you embrace the speaking opportunities and techniques we discuss, you can expect to reach new audiences and establish yourself as an leader in your field.

[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#5E0000″]Your Investment[/headline_tahoma_medium_left] With your commitment to our partnership during the 90-day period you will notice the increased visibility of your book and you will become a leader in your field fuelling excellence.

Secure your spot for this 90-day one-on-one coaching program by clicking the button below .


[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#5E0000″]Read the Program Summary, then Sign Up below![/headline_tahoma_medium_left]
Spaces are limited. I understand that you can only give a limited number of authors that level of one-on-one coaching, so I need to register now to secure my space.
Create my lucrative online brand. I appreciate that this is a one-on-one coaching program that will teach me powerful book marketing strategies for positioning me as a leader in my field and creating my lucrative online brand. I look forward to learning and implementing the activities learned via our weekly sessions:
[content_box_red width=”75%”][two_columns_1]Week 1.  Vision[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 7. Social Media[/two_columns_2][two_columns_1]Week 2.  Platform[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 8.  Implementation and Q & A[/two_columns_2][two_columns_1]Week 3.  Audience[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 9. Speaking and Events[/two_columns_2][two_columns_1]Week 4. Implementation and Q & A[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 10. Going on Tour[/two_columns_2][two_columns_1]Week 5. Content[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 11. Launch Strategies[/two_columns_2][two_columns_1]Week 6. Amazon[/two_columns_1] [two_columns_2]Week 12. Live Q & A and Wrap Up Call[/two_columns_2][/content_box_red] Include the Resource Material. I understand this program includes a list of resources, and templates which you use in developing online book marketing campaigns, including virtual book tours, for your clients and that I can use these as a model in organizing my tour.
Unconditional Guarantee.[guarantee_box_1 title=”30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”] I understand that if  I do not see that what we are achieving together is making a difference to my book marketing efforts, or if I am not happy for any reason, we can stop working together and I can have a full refund on the program, provided that I request the refund within thirty days of my order. I further understand that I must notify Eunice within the stipulated period if I want a refund since there are no refunds after 30 days.[/guarantee_box_1]

[testimonial1_arial author=”D’vorah Lansky, Book Marketing Wizard”]”As a busy author and community leader it is extremely helpful for me to know that important projects are being worked on with excellence and diligence, without my having to micro-manage. I greatly appreciate Eunice’s work ethic, standard of excellence, and joyful personality. She is a delight to work with.”[/testimonial1_arial]




In addition to all this personal coaching, You will also get instant access to these bonus gifts when you sign up today…

  • Bonus 1.  30-minute one-on-one Teleconference Coaching Call. In this call we review your book project and determine where you are with your project and what is required for moving forward. We will take some key decisions and direct you on what activities you need to undertake to leverage your book.
  • Bonus 2.  Membership to private Facebook Group. You are not alone. Through our private FaceBook Group you will be able to share your successes and challenges. I will also address any questions raised in the group.
  • Bonus 3.  Access to Udemy Course Book Marketing in Five. You have written the book. Don’t leave it on the doorstep. This course will reinforce the actions which you need to take to market your book. You will receive permanent access to this course to allow you to refer to it from time to time.
  • Bonus 4.  Templates for coordinating your first Virtual Book Tour. A virtual book tour is an event, and any event takes coordination. I have found that using templates have made coordinating book tours so much easier. Here I share with you the email and other monitoring templates which I have used in effectively coordinating tours for my clients.
  • Bonus 5.  Transcript and audio of Teleseminar: Create Your BestSeller on a ShoeString. Learn more about the important aspects of marketing your book online in this Teleseminar recording.
  • Bonus 6.  Transcript of interview with D’vorah Lansky on what authors can do to take advantage of the digital revolution. The digital revolution has opened up many more opportunities. Learn from this conversation how you can make the most of these.
  • Bonus 7.  Email support for the duration of the program to answer your book marketing questions and help you remain focused.

joszann with book - reduced[testimonial1_arial author=”Joszann St. John, WoundedBirdNoMore”]”Thank you, Eunice, for organizing and hosting my first virtual book tour. This venture would not be a success without your effort and hard work. Saying thank you, is not enough. You’ve taught me so much, about writing, myself and the publishing industry. When I first began this journey, I thought writing the books would be enough to generate sales. I now know that its a partnership between the author, reader and the publishing industry.”[/testimonial1_arial]


Your investment in this program will yield results. I am professionally trained in marketing books online. Once I transfer these skills to you then you can use it consistently over time. Authors who I have worked with continue to use the information and techniques which I have shared even beyond our period of engagement.
Are you ready to become recognized as a leader in your field? Now is the time to take new action and do something different. Do not let 2014 end with your book at the same level as it is today. Create your lucrative online brand.


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