ATTN Business Book Author, Are You Ready to Engage the Media?

You’ve spent months, or even years creating and crafting your business book and are now ready to share your knowledge with your readers. Are you excited, or perhaps daunted by the next step of the process – book promotion?

Business book authors be aware! You are an entrepreneur. You are now in the business of branding and marketing; and your goal should be to grow that book into a lucrative online brand that will help you live the life you love. What is involved in creating a lucrative online brand that will position you as a recognized authority, help you get new clients, and generate new income?
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Catching the Eye of the Media

An important aspect of marketing and promoting your book and creating that lucrative online brand is forming partnerships with the media – capturing their attention so that you can unleash your potential and become recognized as a professional and an authority on your subject.

Partnering with the media widens your audience and can help you get new clients. To be successful, at engaging the media, you must be organized and prepared for your interactions. Authors who believe in themselves, are prepared to invest in their book, and part of that investment includes having a complete media package that responds to the needs of the media, whether it is for a magazine article, radio interview or television broadcast.

An editor or interviewer must feel confident that you are the best authority on the subject and will be the best choice for their show or feature article.

Create a Winning Media Kit

One way to prepare yourself for that media partnership is to create a media kit which will give the media ready access to information about you, your book, and your credentials. Do you have a compelling media package that sets you apart from other authors in your field?

The material in your package must stand out and ensure confidence in your ability. It is an extension of your book, providing important details and information about: your book, your topic, you – the author, and suggested interview questions. Your kit should entice the media to so that they will want to learn more about you and your message.

Including a list of suggested interview questions in your kit, allows you to guide your interview; and potential interviewers will often study the material within the package to determine which questions to ask, or what to focus on, to ensure that their audience receives the information they need.

Creating a winning professional media package and having it readily available on your site or at book signings is an important part of your book marketing strategy. Your kit is one of the many pieces that work in concert to give you the exposure you need.

Have you created your Media Kit? What’s in your package?

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