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Did you write a great book and forget about marketing?
Or are you stuck on the marketing treadmill,
wondering where to focus your time and energy
so you can make more money from your book and reach more readers?

Are you wondering how you're going to recover your publishing costs? Or, is it that, you know you’ve written a great book with so much to value to give to others, yet you’re struggling to get it into the hands and hearts of the people who need it? How do you find your voice in a crowded marketplace?

You’re not alone. Most authors write a great book and believe that it will market itself. Then, they realize that the money they’re making from the sale of their books eunicephoto_1isn’t enough to even enough to recoup their publishing costs. They flounder around, not knowing what are the best avenues to leverage their book and make a bigger impact.
So, if this sounds like you, do not despair. Many authors have been able to make their book a success and skyrocket their income by going beyond book sales, to build a profitable business that allows them to do more and be more.

Now’s your time! Let’s face it, no one cares as much as you do about your book, and no one has as much to lose if it fails. It’s time to get your book off that virtual bookshelf and get your work out there into the world.

Work with me in this 90-day, one-on-one program and discover the exact road map to succeeding with your book business. This will program will help you get the best from your book and steer your book into an entirely new direction to opens doors for you, establish you as an authority in your field, and increase your income.

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Author Profit Secrets
will help you master the daunting task of marketing
and show you how to get your book out there
with clarity, confidence, and ease, to earn more. You will...

  • Develop a profitable business plan to help you make money from your book
  • Reach more readers and generate leads so that you have a ready audience for your next book or product
  • Watch doors open, get known in circles you would never have, and become established as the go-to expert in your field
  • Explore ways to increase the revenue from your books to help you cover your publishing costs and make a profit
  • Discover creative ways to package, promote, and leverage your books so you can have the freedom to write more

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  1. Access to the Replays and Transcripts of the Thriving Author Business Virtual Summit
  2. Support and tools to help you earn more from your book and reach more readers, through FREE Lifetime Membership in the Authors Dreaming Lounge
  3. A COMPLIMENTARY Expand Your Reach virtual VIP Day to help you plan a virtual book tour that will take you in front of new readers and help you grow your business.

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One-on-one coaching to help you develop and implement entrepreneur-writingyour blueprint for building a profitable business around your book. In 90 days discover how to:
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your field with a lucrative online brand and appropriate brand signals. Learn how to position your book on Amazon to become a bestselling author.
  • Get your book into the hands of your ideal reader and transform them into ideal clients who are ready to work with you to achieve their goals and are happy to be engaged members of your community.
  • Gain the attention of the media and engage the media to promote your message and products to global audiences.
  • Stop leaving thousands of dollars under the table. Get paid to speak and take your existing career as a speaker to a higher level. Empower others by sharing your message.
  • Build an author platform that will engage your ideal readers, sell more books, and generate higher income streams. Discover how to organize your content and package your expertise in a way that will transform your readers and leave them wanting more.

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Here’s How it will Work:

Once you complete the application process and we agree that you’re a fit for the program, you’ll receive access to the program details, and:
  • An initial Get Clear, Get Moving session to assess where you are, where you want to be, and to create our plan to get you there
  • Two 45-minute mentorship sessions per month to teach you author profit secrets that will help you inrease the income from your books
  • Weekly action guides that include tools, templates and checklists to keep you on target with your goals
  • Unlimited email access for questions and support
Discover what’s possible for you and get ready to build a thriving business around your book in 2017. Apply for a FREE Strategy Session and discover your next best move for getting more out of your book.

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