Author, Entrepreneur, or Both?

I knew that I needed to make the time to listen to David Hancock’s presentation at the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit, on The Entrepreneurial Author. I finally did – and I was not disappointed.

Which do you consider yourself? Author, Entrepreneur, or Entrepreneurial Author? I suppose the same could apply to Speakers. Are you an Entrepreneurial Speaker?

Consider this: according to David ‘every book you write is a separate enterprise or business. It is an enterprise that creates a product or service. It is a marketing business that sells what it produces and it is a service business that understand and services what the customers want it to be. It is a people business.’

His advice, as you grow your business, is to: value people more than sales; produce more than necessary; and over deliver.

Should the entrepreneurial author get stuck in a rut? No, says David. He encourages authors to:

  • Think new. Come up with fresh ideas that have not been done before. Use creativity to give old ideas a new twist.
  • Think inclusively. Think of ways to bring readers and people together. Develop communities around your products.

David has developed 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurial Authors, three of which I share here:

  1. Devote the same amount of time, energy and imagination to promoting your books a day, as you did to writing.
  2. Practice ‘co-opetition’, by seeking ways to collaborate with your competitors. Create opportunities for collaboration. Give more to your readers than they expect.
  3. Create books that you can market with pride and passion. Know that your readers will benefit.

A splendid presentation by David.

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