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This is for you, if:

  • Your book isn’t bringing in consistent and reliable income
  • You feel that it’s time to make a profit from your book
  • You’re a budding author who doesn’t want to go through trial and error to get your book out and needs expert guidance
  • You’re confused about what to do next to find your ideal readers who love your work and want more
  • You’ve tried everything to find success for your book and would really like help to create a thriving virtual business that let’s you do the things you love

You’ve written a great book and it deserves to be read. You’re good at what you do and you’re an expert in your field, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to produce your masterpiece. You know that if you could only get your book out there, it would change so many lives. Yet, you don’t know where to start or focus.

You’re not alone…Many authors are surprised to find that marketing a book takes as much effort, and maybe even more than writing and publishing. That is why they often seek help, for after all, what good is a book if it doesn’t get into the hands and hearts of readers who need it?

I’m ready to support you on your journey and I’m offering you as a gift, a complimentary Scale Your Book Strategy Session. The application is absolutely FREE with no strings attached. After leaving this session you will:

  • Gain clarity on your vision for your book.
  • Discover what’s standing in the way of your success and how you can overcome it
  • Learn how to harness the power of the Internet to scale your book into your dream lifestyle business
  • Find out what you can do to bring focus to your marketing and
  • Learn what you need to do to convert your author platform to deliver reliable revenue and not have to worry about where income is coming from

Why I’m Doing This

I’m here to help you accelerate your success. I’ve been mentoring authors like you, to help them build their dream online businesses to support the life they love. How did I get to this stage?

Well, during a successful 20 year career in the administrative field in the corporate world, I felt the urge to spread my wings and feel the freedom of being my own person, setting my schedule to allow time for my family and those in my circles, while running an online business. This I did at the beginning of 2008.

Starting off as a Virtual Assistant, I helped entrepreneurs and local businesses unleash their potential through administrative support and training. However, I was social media shy and didn’t experience any real growth in my VA business. Any efforts I made to reach out to clients around the globe were tentative. A turning point came for me, when I received training on the application of information and communication technologies in the field of business.

Gingerly, yet with renewed excitement, I stepped out into the world of social media and online marketing. As I ventured online my virtual business grew and I loved the flexibility which my business allowed. I could work from home while caring for my household of men (husband and two sons); meet and partner with awesome clients the world over; and generate consistent revenue to help me live the life I loved, with the freedom I treasured.

Not being one to remain stagnant and being very versatile, I learnt everything I could about online marketing from the leading Internet gurus, and this led me to training as a certified online book marketing specialist. Having been an avid reader from an early age, the thought of working with authors and showing them how to get their work out there, presented an exciting opportunity and I quickly embraced that niche.

Since then I’ve hosted a radio show for best selling authors, interviewing them on what works in creating bestsellers; and I’ve been helping authors who want more than just being published, use online marketing to make an impact, create their bestsellers, and grow thriving lifestyle businesses.

What Others Say

“Eunice played a key role in getting me onto the Amazon best sellers list and eventually to no.1 in my category. She showed a huge willingness to help and guided me to spot opportunities that propelled me on to success. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest tech developments which helps a great deal. I would highly recommend Eunice as a mentor. If you want to become a best-selling author, there’s no-one better to work with.” Julian Hall,
securedownload“With remarkable precision and a thorough knowledge of virtual book marketing, Eunice Nisbett, The Book Marketing Mentor, organized an incredible virtual tour for my book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking. She zeroed-in on the most appropriate of audiences, blogs and podcasts for this tour, both nationally and internationally. She is truly an expert in her field and has an amazing ability to actually make things happen.” Ellen Palestrant. Author/Artist/Film-maker.
MEP_6549“Working with Eunice was indeed a pleasure and a great learning experience. I found her to be extremely resourceful, helpful, encouraging and motivating! Her very optimistic personality kept me committed when I felt like giving up!

Mentoring with Eunice also taught me that writing a book is great, but marketing and getting people to know about your work is a completely different thing! It taught me the value of marketing and investing in various strategies to make your book a bestseller and I was indeed thrilled to watch my book become a bestseller both on the Free and Paid bestseller lists on Amazon. In addition, Becoming Me was listed among Conversations’ Top 50 Fiction Titles for 2013. Thank you, Eunice!” – Gardenia Destang

H Alan Day“Eunice Nisbett did one heck of a job lining up a virtual blog tour for my memoir, The Horse Lover. She made the effort to contact and schedule appearances with some of the best horse bloggers online. She certainly kept me busy and all the activity paid off with increased book sales and social media activity. One appearance even turned into a monthly column that I’m now writing! If you’re promoting a book, I highly recommend you contact Eunice. She helps you saddle up and get the job done.” ~ H. Alan Day, author of The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs and Lazy B: Growing up in America on a Southwest Cattle Ranch
Now’s the time to transform your author business. Claim your space for this complimentary Scale Your Book Strategy Session and find out what’s standing in the way of your success. I only open up a limited number of spots for these sessions at a time, and they fill up quickly. So do take advantage of these sessions by completing the questionnaire below to qualify.