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Alvin G Edwards

Dr. Alvin G. Edwards is a medical doctor by profession, who has specialized in ophthalmology. He has always had a wide interest in the arts and has had formal training as an actor. He wrote a number of plays (unpublished) and acted on stage and in films. He played ‘Mr Benjamin’ in the television series ‘Paradise View.’

A native of the Caribbean, he has lived in St Kitts, Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Nassau, Nashville and New York while in pursuit of his profession. He has always been sensitive to the struggles of Caribbean peoples and has had a burning desire to see that their story be told.

He first wrote the screen play for ‘Once in an Island’, then decided to write the book as the essence of the story on the screen, even though entertaining, had left out some of the intricacies of the commentary due to time constraints. He wanted to capture more of the lessons to be learnt from the story and to give the reader a chance to see themselves and Caribbean people in a realistic, revealing and self-reflecting light.

He now lives in Antigua, and has been practicing his profession between Antigua and St. Kitts for over twenty five years. He has the propensity to talk to his patients and any person he meets, about anything that affects their lives; their successes and their failures as well as their hopes and aspirations; their love for their children and their need to be loved; the sacrifices made for the well being of their loved ones; their love of country and their pride in their island. He has heard and experienced firsthand, that generally, political sentiment is central to the lives of many Caribbean people.

Dr Edwards has also been involved in many activities outside of his profession, which expose him to other aspects of Caribbean culture. These include the organizing of sporting activities, a brief sojourn in politics, and Chairman of the Romantic Rhythms International Music Festival in Antigua.

Through all of this, he has gained a great insight into the history and traditions of people in the Caribbean, including their innermost fears and desires. Though personal information on anyone’s experience is not revealed, it is upon these revelations that the story ‘Once in an Island‘ is built.

The author wishes to thank all those whose stories and experiences have contributed to this story.

 Listen to our interview with Dr Edwards here.