Becoming Me – Gardenia Destang

Thirty-one-year-old Terri Williams, a professional woman seems to have it all. By most standards, Terri has made it; she has found the perfect man, a good job, a solid house, close friends, and strong familial bonds. But something inside her gnaws at her soul. Nine years ago, she loved and left Lamar Carrington. Despite the terms on which they broke up, his image, speech, and scent are never far from Terri’s heart. In her darkest moments, she considers much of the successful life she has built merely a coping mechanism to adjust to the great loss of what once was. This epic tale of love, friendship, family, and parental bonds stretches outside Atlanta to take in tropical Florida, big-city Chicago, and the Caribbean delights of Jamaica. From dealing with her troubled sister, her unknowing relationship, and the compelling desire for an ex-lover, Terri has a world of hurt and love to unravel.