Best-seller and Beyond Mentoring Program

End the Frustration of Marketing Your Book Without Results
and Discover the Proven Way to Boost Your Profile as an Author
and Create a Thriving Online Brand that Works for You

Is your book just sitting on Amazon and being unseen? Are you tired of marketing your book without results?

Get off that treadmill and end the frustration of ‘zero-results, marketing. Become a bestselling author and let your book get the credit it deserves. Watch doors open as you create high impact and income from the success of your book.

I know it seems that you’ve tried it all. However, it’s not about doing it all. Rather it’s about knowing where and when to focus your energies to expand your impact and revenue; and becoming clear on what you want, for you and your book.

In working with me, not only will you have a deliberate plan for seeing your book on the best seller list; you will go beyond bestseller – knowing what to do every step of the way to regain focus, share your message and expertise with the world, and transform your book into a thriving online brand that works for you and supports the live you love.

Program Benefits

If you’re tired of investing in multiple online programs to achieve your goals for your book, and are ready and committed to do some deep work to spread the word about your book and create income, then the Bestseller and Beyond Mentoring Program is for you. Through this 12-month program I will show you exactly what it takes to become a best-selling author and how you can turn that success into a thriving online brand that helps you regain your investment, helps your achieve your biggest goals, and establishes you as a leader online. You will:

  • Have me by your side to guide you through a proven system that is guaranteed to support you in overcoming your resistance to marketing and regaining your focus to create high income and impact.
  • Find out how to take your book ‘off the shelf’ and have fun sharing your masterpiece with fans and followers in your professional networks. You will get known in circles you would never have, and impact more lives.
  • Learn the secrets of harnessing the power of the Internet to successfully position yourself as a leader online, with your authentic, lucrative brand and appropriate brand signals
  • Discover how you can boost your profile as an author through speaking engagements, and build community by empowering others
  • Uncover the secrets of getting media attention and engaging the media to share your message and products to wider audiences
  • Find out how to enhance your presence on Amazon to sell more books and direct readers to your other online ‘real estate’
  • Learn how to create a branded author platform that expresses who you are, attracts more readers, converts your readers into committed, paying clients, and provides reliable revenue
What You’ll Receive

This highly supportive mentoring package gives you:

  • The proven Best-seller Profits Success System (BPSS) for continuously promoting and profiting from your business books
  • An initial 45-minute “Visioning” kick-off session that will help you see where you are in marketing your book and gain clarity on what you want for you and your book
  • Two 45-minute Bestseller and Beyond sessions per month to walk you through my step-by-step BPSS
  • Two 15-minute “on demand” phone mentoring sessions per month to give you extra support when you feel stuck or unsure which way to move forward in promoting your book
  • Weekly Email support for challenges you face as you grow your book-based business
  • Half-day (three-hour) virtual mini-retreat at 6 months into the Program to assess where you are and to keep you moving forward
  • A customized action-oriented twelve-month Bestseller and Beyond Plan in line with your goals and preferred online marketing style, to help you focus your marketing efforts and stay on track
  • Resources and templates for engaging the media including Bestseller and Beyond Media Kit and sample News Releases that gain media attention
  • Website Review and recommendations to develop a more effective web site that attracts readers and converts readers into committed, paying customers

Sign up for a Bestseller and Beyond Strategy Session and let’s see if this program is a fit for you.