Author Interview 8: Help for Online Entrepreneurs – Bianca Forbes’ new book The BAIT System

As I continue on my journey as a Book Marketing Strategist and Author’s Coach, I get so thrilled to see new writers embark on their journey and to be able to talk to them and be part of it.

Today, I am hosting Bianca Forbes as part of her mini Virtual Book Tour for her new book The BAIT System – 5 Steps for Entrepreneurial Success.

Below is my  interview with Bianca in celebration of the launch of her book and her Virtual Book Tour. Congratulations, Bianca!

How did you get into starting a business online?

I’ve been a trainer, coach, mentor, and therapist for about eigth years now, but it wasn’t until I realized I wanted to reach even more people that I became curious about bringing my work online. When I started to get into it, the more I learnt, the harder I found it to keep up with what I needed from what I didn’t. That told me two things. Firstly, this is the reason why many coaches, trainers and therapists don’t get so involved with doing business online. Secondly, when they do start to get into it, they come up with the same challenges I faced before I started pulling it all together.

What made you start to help other people bring their businesses online?

Well, I always like to pass on the things I’ve learnt and knowing the potential to reach more people. I work predominantly with others in the personal development field so I know that “people helping” matters a lot to them as well. I also know that the easier it is for them to do that, the more confident they are about doing more of their business online.

 What are the downsides of having a business online?

Some of the big ones that come up a lot are: choosing the wrong or too many business models; getting confused about who to get help from, because there’s so much advice you could follow; keeping up your momentum when you work alone or in a small team; not identifying and finding the people you really want to reach; and having no systems in place to run the business.

What are the upsides of having a business online?

Just to be clear, I’m talking about having a complete set up – not just a website, but a start to finish process from meeting the clients to delivering the service online too!

The upsides go hand in hand with my philosophy really. Keep it simple so it saves you time and energy while you help more people and make more money. So here are the upsides: once you set up your process you can focus on marketing; delivery of services is very low cost and this reduces overheads and increases your profit; you can reach a global audience instead of staying local; you gain a lot more insight to people you are trying to reach without always asking questions; and you can deliver faster results online.

How does your coaching programme help new small businesses step up their game online – as you put it?

Well, once they get the business up and running, the next challenge becomes finding the time to market what they do, and finding the time to organize themselves in a way to ease the overwhelm. Running an online business can be just as tough as a bricks and mortar business. It takes work but the difference is that having a step by step system and support makes the work easier to manage.

What is the BAIT system and why did you write the book?

Good question! I wrote the book to put into context some of the things I’d found making the transitions in my own businesses. I’ve also used some of these steps to help clients transform their businesses. Even though what I do now may sound different to what I was doing with my previous business, it isn’t. I’ve just repackaged and tweaked what I offer, and to whom.

BAIT is an acronym simply because I find acronyms help to remember things rather than complicate matters. I did mention I’m an advocate of simplicity right? It stands Brand, Action, Impact, Track, and there’s an additional T which stands for Tweak.

The most crucial factor though is your brand and your essence which makes the business what it is. Once you have a grounded brand and philosophy, then everything else in the system is unique to you. That’s the secret sauce that makes the system relevant and authentic which is what people want from any business really.

Where can people find out more about the book and get a copy?

The book is now available on Amazon. Anyone interested in learning more and getting on-going tips to help their online business grow, can sign up at



About Bianca

Bianca Forbes has been on her entrepreneurial journey spanning over 20 years. She’s gone from an entrepreneur in spirit to entrepreneur in reality. Her people helping journey has included being a Contract Manager, Mentor, Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Time Line™ Therapist, Breakthrough Therapist NLP practitioner and now an Online Business and Marketing Coach.

Bianca’s online coaching programme is based on the BAIT system which she has used to gain success in her business. In this programme she takes client through the 5 steps of the BAIT system which have worked for her, and shares with them the tips and tools which she has used to become a successful online entrepreneur. She also helps them create a community of followers that support each other and hold each other accountable to guarantee a wealthier life all round.



  1. Bianca Forbes

    Thank you for the warm welcome and being a host for my virtual book tour Eunice. It has been a pleasure connecting with you. I’d be happy to answer any questions or share some secrets that your readers might want to know:-)

    1. Author

      My pleasure, Bianca. All the best with your new book and on your author’s journey.

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