3 Mistakes That Keep You Struggling To Get Your Book Out There

If you’re like many authors who struggle to get their book out there and feel: Disappointed that your book isn’t getting the credit it deserves Frustrated that now your book ...Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Book Tours to Promote Social Causes

Today we welcome Lolo Smith as part of her Virtual book Tour. I highly recommend virtual book tours as a way to position yourself as a leader in your field. ...Read More »

3 Productivity Tips to Your 6-Figure Author Business

We all have so much to do that it is easy to lose sight of our goals and spend time running around doing so many tasks that yield minimal results. ...Read More »

Anybody Home - Where are My Fans?

The words ‘find your ideal reader’ may almost seem cliché to you by now. However, you might still be at a loss as to how to identify that person and ...Read More »

Fail to Create a Book Marketing Plan...

…and Plan to Fail. You’ve heard it before, and you know it. Yet so many times we leave planning to chance. At this, the start of the second quarter of ...Read More »

Five Quick Content Ideas for You

Are you running out of ideas as to what to share with your readers? Here are some ideas for your content: Start an Editorial Calendar today and be ready to ...Read More »

7 Fun Ways to Market Your Book

7 Fun Ways to Market Your BookReady to have some fun marketing your book? Here’s an Infographic for you: CLICK HERE to Get your copy of 30 Fun Ways to Market Your Book Please include attribution ...Read More »

Why Authors Need to Have a Book Signing Event

Imagine your book sitting on a shelf attempting to attract the attention of someone who needs all of the information you’ve written. It’s probably sharing shelf space with its competitors ...Read More »

7 Ways Non-Fiction Authors Should Network

Writing can be very lonely and isolating. Often the writer is stuck behind a keyboard alone in a room with little or no human interaction. If the author is writing ...Read More »

Woo the Media with your Media Kit - Infographic

Publicizing your work in as important aspect of growing your book-based business and expanding your income and reach. To be ready to engage the Media and provide for a smooth ...Read More »

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