Do Not Go on a Virtual Book Tour Unless You Read This!

What’s included in your book marketing plan? Pack your bags – you’re going on tour! Get ready for an exciting time ahead of you.

Travelling bag by Mayan Rouins ID-100237162Most people don’t understand that the book tour itself, although time consuming and enjoyable is probably the easiest part of the tour. It’s exciting meeting new people, connecting with potential readers and watching as the sales start to come in. However, before you embark on your incredible and profitable tour, there’s a lot of planning and organizing that needs to be done.

Setting up your Blog

You will need to set up your book or author’s blog before going on tour. This will entail securing and purchasing your domain name, acquiring a hosting service, and creating the blog. Essential elements for your blog include: your photo, a bio, a copy of the book’s cover, a brief synopsis of the book,  In preparation for the tour, the blog should include a tour page, listing the upcoming tour. Update the page as you confirm your plans.

Social Networks

You already should know where your target audience hangs out or where you can find them. Join these networks yourself and start connecting with them – not selling – just connecting. Let them get to know you and your work. Pass the word around that there’s a book tour coming up and get the buzz started.

Locate Tour Hosts for your Book tour

It’s important and essential to identify potential tour hosts whose readership is part of your target audience – those people you wrote the book for. Round the Globe -- ID-100259208If the host is not already someone you know, it’s important to build a relationship with them prior to approaching with a request for them to host you on your tour. These tour hosts may be colleagues of yours, or writers of blogs in your niche who you met through social networking sites. You will need to start connecting with them right away.

Blog Posts

Remember this isn’t a physical tour, it’s virtual, and as such you will need blog posts written for most of the stops along the way. Each host should receive a blog post different from the rest, making their segment of the tour stand out for their readers. Do not restrict yourself to one form of content while on tour.

Obviously, a lot needs to be done prior to going on a virtual book tour and the above is a brief description of some of the major steps. A book tour can be a lot of fun and highly effective. Planning in advance is important, so before you ‘pack your bags and your book’ get the tools you need and give yourself enough time to do it right. Pick up your complimentary copy of my special report on how you can share your masterpiece with the world through virtual book tours and start organizing your tour.