Book Marketing Lessons from a Virtual Book Tour

As you market your book, you might consider embarking on a virtual book tour. What do you need to do to ensure a successful virtual book tour? Here are some lessons  I learnt from coordinating a recent tour:

  1. Be strategic in selecting your tour stops. Who will read your book?
  2. Think back up. Some of your hosts may not come through on the day of the tour. Have an alternative. It may be someone who is scheduled for a later date, who you can bring forward, or an alternative contact.
  3. Prepare your site. Make sure all the bits are in place on your site. Remember to allow for each link to go live on the day of the tour stop.
  4. Provide hosts with all necessary information and images to make it easier for them.
  5. Follow up, follow up, and follow up. Do not assume that your host understood everything you mentioned and that your email was received.
  6. Giveways generate interest. Running a Goodreads Giveaway as part of your tour will give your extra exposure. Allow time for confirming the dates of the giveway with Goodreads.
  7. Monitor the comments you get at your various blog stops and respond.
  8. Your virtual book tour is only limited by your imagination. You may include blog posts that you have already written, audio interviews, text interviews, and features. Google hangouts, too can be part of your tour.
  9. Make use of Pinterest. Create a board for your tour.
  10. Include your Virtual Book tour as an event on your Amazon and Goodreads accounts. You may also create a Facebook event.

A virtual book tour is an exciting way to gain exposure for your book, and think of it,  even after your tour is over, your articles, interviews, and interactions will be on the web for a long time yet.

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