Book vs Author Blogs

Having a blog is important to your online book marketing success. Which do you need though, a book blog or an author’s blog?

A book blog focuses on a specific book. The site focuses on the book, and your blog posts will relate mainly to the book’s story or topic, and activities related to promoting that book. It could be what I’ll call your flagship: perhaps your first time novel, or a book which you think could define you as an Author, or one that is at the centre of your information empire. Why would you need a book blog? Are you doing a book launch, or a virtual book tour; or is your book the cornerstone of your business? Then a book blog may just suit your needs.

An Author’s blog, on the other hand, will be your main hub featuring you and your books. Here you have a platform to share all your books, your message, sell your products or services and build community. If you decide to create a book blog for one of your books, then you should consider linking that blog to your Author’s blog. In both instances, be sure to include specific pages that will help your audience remain informed and connected with you and your book or books.

Check out this example of a book blog and connect with us for a twenty minute consultation to discuss your needs.