Boost Your Visibility and Sales at a Book Event

You just received news of this wonderful opportunity to promote your book at a Book Fair or other onsite event. What do you need? How can you get your book noticed? Here are some tips to boost your visibility and sales at a Book Event:

  • Present your book well, it’s yours. Do you have the technology? Present your Book Trailer as a looped presentation which visitors can view while waiting to get a copy of your book.
  • Display your book cover prominently. Stand up (pull up) posters can be great if you have the space.
  • Grace your table with an appropriate tablecloth. Dark colours are great, however keeping the colour theme of your book cover or even website would also be appropriate.
  • Need mementos – you could purchase some small packs of cookies/nuts/chocolates/mints or whatever is within your budget and neatly paste copies of your book cover (or images of characters in your book) onto these. (Printing them on mailing labels will make the task easier). Place these in attractive small baskets, or other suitable container, on the table. This may draw visitors to your booth.
  • Do you have any marketing material which you had previously designed? Then feel free to add these to the display.
  • Place on your table, stands holding laminated/framed posters highlighting (i) characters in your book, or images from your book; and (ii) an excerpt from your book.

Book Fair Image

  • Do not have a stand-up Poster? Use wall space for large book cover posters.
  • Have you been featured in the media? Then display these articles in an eye-catching format.
  • For additional takeaways, create and display an assortment of laminated double-sided bookmarks (including your image and/or images of your book cover). Include short book excerpts, and perhaps a short bio.
  • Have a media kit on your website? Prepare for possible media visits by using the material on your site to create media kits. Do remember to include a contact form.
  • Have a supply of personal business cards available. (Feel free to include your Business Cards in select folders. For example, a prospect might be keenly interested in your book and would like to arrange an interview at a later date.)
  • Include on your table a labeled drop box for Business Cards to encourage visitors to leave their details.
  • Plan to autograph some copies? Remember your pens.
  • Prepare a single document for noting names, enquiries, and areas of interest. This might come in useful where persons neglect to complete the contact forms provided or do not have Business Cards with them.
  • Brief any personnel who will be manning the booth, on the dress for the event (T-shirts bearing your book cover could be an appropriate choice if you wish to have a business-casual code).
  • Discuss appropriate introductions with staff and if necessary develop a script for interacting with visitors. Assign tasks.
  • Look for ways to soften the booth. Potted plants, for example, may add a softer touch to the booth.
  • Make it easy for persons to be able to purchase your books. Can you provide a facility for persons to purchase books even using their credit cards? Have change readily available for cash purchase.
  • Remember your comfort during the event. Will a chair be provided? What type of shoes will be best?
  • After the book fair add relevant contacts from the Business Cards you received, to your database of contacts; and send out the appropriate Thank You’s.


Book fairs provide exposure for your book and present an ideal opportunity for learning, growing your networks, and sharing your message.

What are your tips for a successful book event?