Buzz the 90-Mile Radius

Today we welcome H Alan Day and Lynn Wiese Sneyd  as part of the virtual book tour celebration for their book The Horse Lover: A Cowboy’s Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs. In this article Lynn shares what has worked in  marketing the book and invites you to get your map, your GPS, and your telescope. Discover why!


Lynn WieseH Alan DayThank you Eunice,  for hosting us on this virtual book tour celebration. I look forward to connecting with your audience and welcome their comments or questions.


When creating your book publicity campaign, in addition to tweeting, blogging, and conducting interviews, all of which can be done decked out in jammies, remember to buzz the 90-mile radius. No you can’t wear your comfy flannels for all of it, but it can be low budget, effective marketing.

Why 90 miles? Can’t give you a page from Science Magazine on that one. Let’s chalk it up to being doable. Round trip, it’s a 180-mile drive that most likely could be done in one day. For instance, from Tucson, Arizona where I sweat it out, Phoenix is 90 miles away, a metro area of over four million and a top media market. You can bet your fuzzy bunny slippers it’s worth the trek to do a TV interview!

DSC_0525Get out your map, your GPS, your telescope.

  • What cities and towns are within 90 miles?
  • What newspapers – online and in print – circulate there?
  • What libraries host authors?
  • What is the TV market for interviews?
  • What about the radio market?
  • What organizations might need a speaker?

To be extra efficient, schedule more than one event while you’re out and about – a morning TV interview and a talk to a lunch group, a meeting with a journalist and a radio show interview afterwards.

Wishful thinking? You won’t know until you give it a try.  And remember, before you leave, throw those jammies in the washing machine.




H. Alan Day

Alan Day’s upbringing branded him a cowboy from the day he was born. He was part of the third generation to grow up on the 200,000-acre Lazy B cattle ranch straddling the high deserts of southern Arizona and New Mexico. The ranching and cowboy lifestyle appealed to him so greatly that after graduating from the University of Arizona, he returned to manage Lazy B for the next 40 years. During his career, he received numerous awards for his dedicated stewardship of the land.  In the 1980’s, Alan purchased a cattle ranch in Nebraska and soon after, a ranch in South Dakota. The latter became the first government-sponsored sanctuary for unadoptable wild horses. He developed and successfully used a herd modification-training program for his 2000 head of cattle and 1500 wild mustangs.

Cover - THl

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Alan and his sister, Sandra Day O’Connor, co-authored the New York Times bestselling memoir, Lazy B, which chronicles the story of the Day family and growing up on a harsh yet beautiful southwestern ranch. Alan is a member of Western Writers of America. Now retired, he divides his time between Tucson and Pinetop, AZ.





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