Did your book reach your friends and family and stop there? Are you looking to find new audiences for your book and to share your masterpiece with the world, while having fun doing so? Then add a virtual book tour to your marketing mix this year and attract your ideal readers who are ready to buy from you.

All virtual book tours are not created equal so join me for this one-on-one Captivating Virtual Book Tours coaching program, as I show you how to set up your virtual book tour so that you can get in front of readers who value your work and are ready to become committed, paying customers. Allow me to share with you the secrets of captivating virtual book tours that sell,  build community, and create opportunities long after your tour is over.

Work with me to develop a deliberate plan for your tour. I’ll show you the nuances of making a virtual book tour work for you and your hosts. You will learn how to reach more readers by going on tour, and how to create impact and income by carefully planning your tour.

Program Benefits

This Captivating Virtual Book Tours one-on-one coaching Program will show you exactly how to organize your Virtual Book Tour for results. You will:

  • Discover how to take your book ‘off the shelf’ and have fun sharing your masterpiece with fans and followers in your professional networks.
  • Uncover the secrets of a successful virtual book tour that sells
  • Find out what you need to do to prepare your blog for visitors and keep them coming back
  • Discover how to select your ideal tour hosts who will get you in front of the right audiences
  • Learn how to captivate your audience with your content
  • Gain access to a list of resources and templates to help you conduct a lucrative tour
  • Harness the power of social media to  captivate new readers while on tour
  • Get your tour featured on the Virtual Book Tours that Sell Tour Page
Program Delivery
This Program gives you:
  • An initial 45 minute Ready to Captivate training session to help you get clarity on the outcome you desire for your tour and how you’re going to achieve it.
  • Three 45 minute Expand Your Reach virtual training sessions
  • One 45 minute Question and Answer (Q&A) implementation session
  • The Lucrative Virtual Book Tour BluePrint for conducting virtual book tours that convert readers to clients
  • Unlimited email access during the program to address any challenges as you develop your plan for your tour.
  • Captivating Virtual Book Tours – Workbook. The Guide to the one tool that will get you in front of fans and followers in your professional networks, from the comfort of your home, and create impact
  • Templates, tools, and resources for organizing your tour including Tour Page, emails to hosts, and spreadsheets/tables. You will be able to use these tools and techniques to coordinate your tours again and again
  • The Ideal Reader template to help you identify your ideal reader
  • Captivating Virtual Book Tours Checklist to organize your tour for success

Sign up for this Captivating Virtual Book Tours one-on-one Program and create high impact as you get ready to hit the road with a virtual book tour that sells.