Confused about marketing your book? Here are a few gems.

Confused about marketing your book? In 2013 I started the expert interview series Book Marketing In Five where I interview best selling authors and industry experts on what has worked for them in marketing their books. I thank all our wonderful hosts who have made the show a reality. I look forward to compiling the information into a useful book marketing resource for authors.

In this blog post, I share  a few of the Gems from our guests:<img src="Gem-ID-100164034-300x225.jpg" alt="Book Marketing Gems" />

Beth Werner

  • Only write a book that you would want to read, then show respect for your reader by having your book professionally edited. At the same time, remember this is your book and stay true to yourself and your vision.
  • Consider the four P’s of marketing (product, position, pricing, and promotion) as it relates to your book  and market consistently.

Jim Padilla

  • Market to people who need the solution you provide. When you are an online marketer, on the Internet, you are like a mile marker and you are one of millions, you are invisible, so you need to act on purpose and get in front of people who are interested in the message you are delivering. On the sales page for your book, be very clear in identifying your reader’s problem and that you are the solution to your reader’s problem. Draw the reader into the conversation.
  • Your book is an extension of what you do. To make an impact, you have to sell, and if you cannot sell a product, then all you have is a title. Get you mindset around delivering the message that you need to deliver and delivering it on the right ear.

Ken Pottie

  • Build your credibility by inviting an expert in your field to write the introduction of your book. Then add interest in your book by creating characters in your book, from people you know. Legally, you will need to get the person to sign off on this.

Sherrie Wilkolaski

  • Launching an ebook ahead of the print version of your book, gives you the opportunity to get out there and obtain reviews. This creates immediate visibility for the print book, when it is launched.
  • The more visible you are online, the more opportunities there will be for interviews and sharing your book. Increased marketing means increased awareness of your book. One way to market your book is through guest blogging. This also establishes your credentials as a writer.
  • When participating in local radio shows and interviews, use the opportunity to contact your book store to invite them to stock your book. Let them know that you will be mentioning them during your interview and that will help their sales.

Charmaine Hammond

  • Review your entrepreneurial base of colleagues within your circle of influence and build relationships with persons who provide the services your need. These individuals would be persons who marketed to the same audience you want to reach.
  • Partner with sponsors to help reduce your book marketing costs and grow your networks. For example, Charmaine has received sponsorship for the clothing she uses for book signings and speaking engagements. Create a win win.

Wow! What gems! These are just a few of the many book marketing tips which our guests on Book Marketing in Five are sharing. Join us to improve your book marketing results! Sign up to be the first to know when the first volume of the book compiling our conversations on Book Marketing in Five is published, in 2014!

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