The Virtue of Charity

Today, I am thrilled to host Corine La Font as part of her Virtual Book Tour to mark the launch of her new book.

Congratulations, Corine! Looking forward to many more.

As an author, giving should be a main item on your list, as a way of showing appreciation to your loyal customers for being so kind and supportive throughout the year and  for purchasing your book or informational products. Doing this will also build your credibility and if you decide to be a good corporate citizen and donate some of your books to charity, then you look like the icing on the cake.

The thing about it is not to be selfish when doing it. Give with an open heart and mind and not with an ulterior motive; for by doing it this way, you will be pleased with the unexpected results you will get in return.

Why not hold a book signing with some refreshments and entertainment and give away some of the copies of your book. Are you a poet? Then create some cards with your words as inspiration. What about having a contest and giving the winners a copy of your book or something complimentary to your book that is of perceived high value? Never thought of those huh?

In my book, Holiday Series on Book Marketing – Lessons from Santa -12 Tips and Secrets for Authors, it details even more tips and strategies on increasing you and your book’s visibility and ultimately sales and offers resources and links that will help you to understand the power of giving away with or without a motive. You can do this with very little to no technical experience required. Find out how. Get your copy now


Corine La Font is an Author, Certified Author Assistant and Online Book Marketing Specialist. Get a copy of her book at

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  1. Corine

    Hey Eunice!
    Thank you so very much for being my host today. You’re making me look good 🙂 I look forward to interacting with your visitors and guest to my VBT.

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