Woo the Media with your Media Kit – Infographic

Publicizing your work in as important aspect of growing your book-based business and expanding your income and reach. To be ready to engage the Media and provide for a smooth conversation, you will want to include a Media Kit in your marketing portfolio. What are some things you need to include in your Kit. Check out the Infographic below and set a goal to get started on creating your Media Kit. Leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.

Media kit infographic


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  1. Pamela M. Covington

    Thank you. Nice, short, helpful and to the point. Pertinent info provided for those of us who are heavily laden with juggling writing, promoting, speaking and more! After seeing this, I intend to browse your other posts, time permitting. Best to you.

    1. Author

      Hi Pamela

      Thank you for dropping by. Visit again to let us know how you’re progressing. Remember to add your Kit to your Media Page. Thrive.

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