Every Author Needs a Little Goodreads

It is easy for you to become overwhelmed by the number of social networks available for promoting your brand online. As an Author, however, you will want to keep in mind that your main reason for social networking is to offer value to any of the communities which you join. Through such contributions you will be able to grow your audience and eventually increase your sales.

One frequently overlooked, yet very important social network for Authors, is Goodreads. Here are seven good reasons to consider signing up and adding your book to Goodreads:

  1. Size of Audience.  Did you know that Goodreads is the largest social network for readers and book recommendations in the world? Goodreads claims a massive audience of more than 7 million book lovers who have added over 270,000.000 books to their shelves.
  2. First Reads. List free copies for giveaways on Goodreads, and create a buzz for your upcoming book. Goodreads members enter to win and winners are picked randomly at the end of the giveaway. (Terms and Conditions apply).
  3. Book Recommendations. Once a reader selects your book and adds it to the site, then their recommendation becomes visible to their friends. Your book thus receives additional exposure.
  4. Build your Fan Base. Encourage your readers to rate and review your book on Goodreads and so get your books onto the appropriate book lists; and onto the Goodreads Recommendation engine.
  5. Question and Answer Groups. As an Author you can host a Question and Answer group to generate discussions on your new book and share your expertise.
  6. Connections. You can login to Goodreads with your Facebook account and connect to your Facebook followers. As a Goodreads Author you can also add a Goodreads Author widget to your website or blog, to connect to reviews of your books.
  7. Sales Network. Once you create your Author’s profile you can list your books and link to Amazon. This makes it easy for your Goodreads audience to pick up a copy of your book on Amazon.

Check out Goodreads today to build your online brand. Add a little Goodreads to your social networking, build relationships, and engage your audience in conversation to increase your referrals and sales.

Feeling daunted by keeping your networks connected? Touch base with us to discuss how Savvy BestSellers can free your time by taking care of your social networks and give you more time to write your next best seller.