If you’re tired of your book being neither seen or nor read and are ready to share your masterpiece with the world – while having fun doing so – then its time to discover the #1 Strategy I use, to help authors increase their credibility, impact, and income.

Join me for the Expand Your Reach VIP Day, and discover the three costly mistakes that many authors make when organizing their tours, and what you can do about them. Learn the secrets of powerful virtual book tours that increase book sales, build community, and create opportunities long after your tour is over.

Take Your Book Off The Shelf
Enrol now for this group VIP Day and you’ll:
  • Discover how to have fun sharing your masterpiece with fans and followers in your professional networks
  • Uncover the secrets of profitable virtual book tours
    • Learn how to create impact and reach more readers while on tour
    • Understand the nuances of making a virtual book tour work for you and your hosts
    • Develop a deliberate plan for your personalized tour

    Triple Your Impact
    During our time together, I’m going to show you the exact steps you need to take in organizing a lucrative virtual book tour that triples your impact. You will:
    • Learn what tools you need to use to Coordinate Your Tour Effectively
    • Find out what you need to do to Prepare Your Website for Visitors and keep them coming back
    • Discover how to Select Your Ideal Tour Hosts who will get you in front of the right audience
    • Learn how to find andMagnetize Your Audience, while on tour
    • Understand how you can Harness the Power of Social Media to Reach New Readers while on tour
    Plus these amazing BONUSES:
    • A List of Resources and Templates to help you host unforgettable tours over and over again
    • The Essential Marketing Materials for your tour
    • Your Virtual Book Tour Feature on our Captivating Virtual Book Tours Page

    Get Ready to Captivate and Thrive
    This Program gives you:
    • Five hours live, virtual group coaching, including live Question and Answer (Q&A)
    • The Lucrative Virtual Book Tour BluePrint for conducting virtual book tours that convert readers to clients
    • Membership of our private Expand Your Reach Facebook Brainstorming Group where I’ll contribute thoughts and advice and you’ll find accountability partners
    • Expand Your Reach with Virtual Book Tours – Workbook. The Guide to the one tool that will get you in front of fans and followers in your professional networks and create impact, from the comfort of your home
    • Templates, tools, and resources for organizing your tour page templates, emails to hosts, and spreadsheets/tables

    Sign up for this Expand Your Reach VIP Day and create value and high impact as you get ready to hit the road with a virtual book tour that sells.