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Giftus R John

Giftus John was born in St Joseph on the Caribbean island of Dominica. His main interest while growing up, like many of the young boys in the village, was playing cricket – St Joseph being noted for a number of famous island cricketers.

It was in high school that Giftus developed the love for English and English Literature and began submitting poems and short stories to the school’s newspaper. In 1975 Giftus entered the National Day Poetry and Short Story competitions and emerged first place winner in both categories with, For I’m A Dominican and Converted, respectively.

By now writing had become a passion, and Giftus published the first of his three poetry collections, The Dawn, in 1978, which  was followed by Words in the Quiet Moments in 1981. Both collections were published in Dominica. The Island Man Sings His Song was published in the USA in 2001. In 2005 Giftus published his first collection of local short stories entitled Mesye Kwik! Kwak! Then, in 2011 he published what he considers his best piece of work, Ma William and Her Circle of Friends.

Besides writing, Giftus also has a love for other forms of art. He creates oil paintings and also does photography. Giftus says that he has been blessed with God given talents. Thus, he believes, is the reason why he is named Giftus – a Gift to us all.

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