Five Good Reasons Why Authors Should Consider Teaching

As a self-published author the job of marketing and promoting your book is up to you. Most authors create a website, start a blog, have a book-signing event, and connect with their readers through related associations and social media. However, they do not always think of teaching a course. Who better to teach others about your book’s subject than you?

Listed below are five good reasons why you should consider teaching:

  • Get a Credibility Boost. Seriously, as an author and a teacher you will be considered the go-to person or the expert on your subject. It’s just a given that you will receive the respect and confidence of the people who purchase your book.
  • Reach Wider Audiences. Absolutely every method you use to get your name known or increase an awareness of ID-10066429 - teachingyour book is a good thing and you need to use everything at your disposal to make it happen. The use of the Internet, web classes, authors forum and so much more increases your share of any market and provides added exposure. The major goal is to reach as many people as you can. Teaching a course or having one available widens the field of possibilities and may reach a segment of the population you hadn’t even known needed your material. Every method of getting the word out to potential readers should be used.
  • Discover Topics for Your Next Book. Interacting with students can develop into more topics or ideas for a future book. Teaching gives you the opportunity to get feedback and it actively engages you with the people who need and want your book and may give you suggestions you might never have considered.
  • Create more Impact. Teaching strengthens your name as the expert in your field and gives you the opportunity to reach the hearts of many more people with your message. In addition, since people buy from names that they know and trust, teaching a course will most likely increase book sales.
  • Generate Multiple Income Streams. If you rely too heavily on making an income from book sales only you will probably be disappointed. It’s important to diversify your income streams and and teaching can be very lucrative way to fund your writing. Further, while you’re getting paid to teach, your book sales will increase.

Teaching a course doesn’t have to mean standing in front of a classroom. It can be an online course that is promoted through your website as an added product, or through one of the many online learning sites who will market and sell the course for you.

Having a course available or by teaching it live strengthens your brand, something that is important in marketing you and your book. Furthermore, the act of teaching allows you to regularly expose yourself to materials that help keep you current.

You already have the material, done the research, and written the book. Now all you need to do is to re-purpose your content placing it into a course format, and start teaching.

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