Five Quick Content Ideas for You

Are you running out of ideas as to what to share with your readers? Here are some ideas for your content:

  • Answer Questions. Raise a ‘Question of The Day’ for your followers and invite your audience to provide the answers, or invite your followers to submit questions to you, and from these choose one or two winning questions to provide the answers.
  • Tips and How to(s). Provide tips to your audience on their areas  ID-10084714 - bee with pencil - pixtawanof interest and in line with your primary topic. Lists of three’s, five’s, or seven’s are a great start.
  • The Message Behind Your Book. Here you can present book excerpts – especially after your book is published – giving your audience a feel of the book. You could also share your journey.
  • Most Common Mistakes. What are the most common mistakes do you see people in your community making? Share these and how they can overcome them.
  • A Book Reading. Shy about reading your work? Here’s a great place to start. Read an excerpt of your book and post it to your blog either as a video or audio. This will help you connect with your readers.
Start an Editorial Calendar today and be ready to use what you have. I’m sure that if you look carefully, you’ll find that you already have material on your computer that someone else can benefit from. Start with what you have and select content that will draw in your ideal audience who want what you have to offer. This will also help you become known as an expert in your field.

Get off the book marketing roller coaster and get the guidance you need to focus your efforts and increase your visibility, credibility, and sales.




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