Getting to Speaking

Ready to triple your impact as you market your book? A fine way to do so, is by sharing your message with others through speaking engagements. Many authors hesitate to speak, either because they consider themselves introverts or because they want to be left alone, while they quietly write. Sounds like you?

Well, here’s the score. While your book will reach many persons individually, as they purchase a copy from a book shop or online; think of the greater impact you can have on others as you speak to large audiences and connect with more people at a single event. How do you get to ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????speaking? It starts with small steps. Start by creating your Speaker’s Profile. What are some things you should include in your profile? Bear in mind that this profile is not simply your bio. It is going to be a piece which will excite your hosts and help you win speaking gigs. So, Take Five. Here are five things to include in your Speakers Profile:

  • Start with a powerful, pointed introduction. Are you a best-selling and/or award-winning author? What is your greatest relevant achievement? This is a good place to include that information. Keep the statement brief, to the point, and write in the third person.
  • In the next two or so paragraphs indicate what themes you speak on, highlight how you have impacted persons, and mention your previous speaking engagements. Use examples where you have created the most impact and cite any well known companies/events at which you have spoken.

Have you developed your speaking around certain themes? Are there topics that you have delivered time and time again and which win your audience? Include these as a list of talks which you are excited to speak about.

  • Take credit for your authorship next, and include the title of your book or books. Indicate which ones have received awards or have become bestsellers. If you have written more than two books decide which books you would like to feature in this section. (I would not recommend highlighting more than three)
  • Add a photo of you in action. This is a Speakers Profile so it is appropriate for you to add a photo of you at a speaking engagement.
  • Add any raves you have received. Include these in a testimonials section with the quote from the author, the author’s name, and the organization/business represented.

Now’s the time to edit your profile, add some pizzazz. Have you created your lucrative online brand? If so do remember to use the fonts, colours, and style of writing that your readers have come to recognize as your voice. Tell them where to find you online by adding a live link to your website. Then share you profile with potential hosts. Add a ‘Speaking’ page to your site and upload your profile there. Start by seeking out local and online speaking engagements. As you receive more and more speaking engagements remember to add the photos to your site with some details. Include a form where persons can easily book you for speaking engagements.

You’re on your way! Go ahead! Triple your impact through speaking engagements.