Grow Your Audience with a Virtual Book Tour

Gone are the days when authors needed to board an aircraft to promote a book. The Internet has created a world of opportunities, not only for online entrepreneurs, but also for authors. It has opened the way for authors to become part of a virtual team that can take their books across borders.

One tool for promoting your books across borders is a Virtual Book Tour (VBT). A VBT allows you, the author, to ‘travel’ online visiting various websites and sharing written, audio and video blog posts with the blog owners and their readership.

While on tour, you will be a guest blogger on popular blogs in your niche, and will be able to grow your audience as you connect with your hosts’ audiences. That way you will have the opportunity to ‘get in front of’ potential readers. The goal is to engage readers, encourage their interaction, and invite them to visit your blog.

On its own, a virtual book tour will not give you sufficient mileage to increase your book sales significantly. However, taken in concert with a comprehensive marketing strategy, a VBT can give you and your book the exposure you need to reach a wider audience, and provide readers with the opportunity to learn more about you and your book.  This could result in an increase in your book sales.

The level of effort involved in conducting a virtual book tour can be easily under-estimated. Consider your VBT as an event which will require efficient planning and attention to detail. For example, to maximize the returns on your VBT you will need to select your tour stops carefully and purposefully.

By teaming with an online book marketing specialist who specializes in working with authors, you will receive valuable support for your virtual book tour and other promotional activities.  A successful VBT calls for real team effort between the online book marketing specialist and the author. Your book marketing specialist can assist with many of the administrative details related to your VBT, including following up with hosts, letting your followers know that you are embarking on a VBT so that they can follow the tour and inform their networks, and posting the blogs to your social media.

Contact me today, and watch you audience grow, as we embark on your virtual book tour!