Guest Blogging for Authors

Why start guest blogging?
There are many reasons why you should consider posting content on the blog sites of others as a guest blogger. Gaining popularity, creating a brand name and maximizing sales for your book are just some of the many reasons, and listed below are the most significant.

  • Recognition and exposure. Posting your content on other people’s websites of a similar topic is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience, providing you with substantial exposure. You’ll also gain recognition from other authors, with whom you can share new ideas and connect with.
  • Networking. In the world we live in today, you can barely achieve success without networking. On social media platforms guest blogs can trigger conversations and interaction which is very important as far as sales and brand growth is concerned. This can lead to emails, tweets, and chats from new connections who’ll join your fan base.
  • Search Engine Marketing. As an author, you should be marketing your work online, on your own website, and by guest blogging you can link from their site to your own bringing in more traffic and business leads and increasing sales. This will work if you are using keywords that are highly recognizable with search engines such as Google.
How authors find guest blogging opportunities
The first thing authors need to know is what they wish to accomplish by guest blogging, and then create a plan to follow and start researching guest blogging opportunities in their niche.

  • You can find available blogs on your topic through Google, Yahoo and other search engines using the keywords relevant to your topic.
  • Search social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and others for reputable authority bloggers on your topic. They may be other authors or experts in your field and may appreciate having a trustworthy guest blogger provide their audience with reliable information.
  • Look for your competition. Many authors don’t recognize the opportunity in competition. Did you know that your competition can be an asset? By establishing a relationship with them it can be beneficial to both parties, with the potential of back linking to each other’s sites.
Where to guest post
While searching for related blogs and social networking sites you probably have established relationships with other authors and experts. These are the people you need to approach offering to write guest blog posts for. Remember that you’re there to help them as well as yourself though. If they think you are only doing this to promote your own book they won’t be interested. It has to be beneficial for both parties.

By posting relevant content on reputable and highly influential blog sites and targeting their audiences it will increase your visibility and status as an expert. Remember you are a ‘Guest’ and so be respectful of them and their audience. It has to be a positive experience for you as the guest, the host blogger and most importantly their audience. Guest blogging is something authors should start even before their book is written, however, remember it’s never too late to start.

Guest blogging is also a good introduction to getting your first virtual book tour organized and on the road. Not sure how to bring all the marketing bits together for your success? Are you frustrated that you’re getting minimal results from your marketing efforts? Then join me for a complimentary one-on-one Author Success Discovery Session and discover what you need to do to stop struggling with your marketing, get results and thrive.