Have You Created Your Promotional Material?

Marketing is a dreaded word for most authors; however, it’s a very necessary part of getting your business book in front more eyes.

To develop a marketing mindset, set aside time to create and develop the promotional materials required to build significant exposure for your business book. Here are five things to include in your promotional material:

Business Cards/Brochures. Have a supply of business cards and brochures available and ready to be to be given out at every opportunity.

Book Trailer. Not everyone will have a book trailer but they are becoming more popular all the time. Seriously consider why you should get one done for your book.

Giveaways. These may include pens, postcards, book markers, or even T-shirts. Do create giveaways which are useful and relevant to the book. The receiver must associate your giveaway with you and your book, and would want to keep the giveaway because of its usefulness or uniqueness.

Media Kit. Be ready to engage the media. Include in your media kit your Professional Photograph, Book Description, and Author’s Bio (written in the 3rd person). Your bio will come in handy as you build your lucrative brand through speaking . Sign up for a Book Marketing Breakthrough session to learn how you can develop a Media Kit that attracts media attention.

Website/Domain. Having an online presence is mandatory. If you can’t be found online, those searching your name may just move on to someone else. Your website is a place where you can tell your story, who you are, why you wrote the book and what you are currently working on. Connect with your potential and current readers.

Word of mouth is still a very effective way to promote your book, and if your book is well written, provides value to the reader, and gets into the hands of the people who need it, they will tell others about the book. Complement that with having the right promotional material and get your book in front of more eyes. When planning your budget for publishing and printing of your book, allocate funds for promotional materials as well.

Have you created your promotional material?

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