How to become a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon

Who wants to become a best selling author? You, perhaps?

Here are a few pointers  to guide you as you work towards achieving your highest possible rankings  on Amazon.

Becoming a best selling author requires consistent effort; however, if you are prepared to put in that effort, it can be achieved. Partnering with Julian Hall on the launch of his latest book, Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game, highlighted these essentials:

  1.  You do need to grow and keep in touch with your audience so that  these persons are ready and willing to promote your book.
  2. It is important to give your book maximum exposure and this can be done through a virtual book tour. As you plan your virtual book tour, think of what type of blogs complement your writing and audience.
  3. Press Releases will give you added publicity. There are a number of  sites that will publish your Releases for free. Two which readily come to mind are and Do not overlook your local news media as they may be very ready to recognize new local talent.
  4. Social media marketing is still very much alive and is key to getting your message out and increasing your sales.
  5. Amazon has a number of tools for promoting your book and writing. What does your Author Central Profile say? Are you maximizing its potential? What about book reviews? Can you obtain quality reviews of your book?
  6. Kindle Giveaways can give your book a boost. Consider carefully the timing of your giveaways.
  7. Then there are categories and categories! Invest your time in determining what categories will be most appropriate for your book. This is well worth the effort if you want your book to get to  the top of its categories.
  8. Speaking engagements are an important component of your strategic plan for positioning your book, sharing your message and increasing your sales.

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