How to make your Non-fiction Business Author’s Website Stand Out

Every non-fiction author should have a website and most do. However, what most authors don’t realize is that they are in the business of writing and selling books, and to be successful their website must stand out from the rest. So how do you do that?

Be Distinctive when Creating Your Website

leader1 - standout without placard ID-100213327 - akarakingdomsPresent yourself as the professional you are. You have written a non-fiction business book that is of value to your readers and as such your business is to share your message with them, as well as the media. Having a professional website grabbing the attention of everyone who visits your site is what it takes.

What are your Viewers Looking For?

Think about why your viewers have come to your site. What are they looking for or need to learn? Answer those questions and provide relevant and helpful information on your website, and you are already ahead of most other business authors.

Create your website with your viewers in mind, providing them with valuable content and, just as important, letting them get to know who you are and what makes your work distinctive from the rest. Statistics show that most people do not buy from, or connect with businesses unless they feel a level of trust or comfort.  By giving them something of value, you are able to gain their trust and become known as the go-to person in your field, encouraging readers to return to your website, buy your book and purchase any future books you may write.

The Basics of a Non-fiction Author’s Website

Start with these pages as your foundation pieces: Home; About; Media; and Events or Speaking. Go one step further and include a blog page, updating it regularly to provide your readers with valuable material that helps your connection grow.

Don’t Sell – Connect 

While you will want to be able to sell your books from your website; bear in mind it is the place for providing that deeper connection with your target audience, and a launch pad for your message.

Keep it crisp, clean and simple, while providing compelling and valuable content that is easy to find. Then link your website to your social media networks.

As a non-fiction business author you are now in the business of turning your book into a business. So how do you go about your marketing? Remember, relationship marketing is the new marketing. It’s about connecting and establishing relationships with your ideal readers and nurturing those relationships over the long term.

Cultivate relationships by having a magnetic web presence and the sales will follow.

Image courtesy of akarakingdoms