Interview 4: A Conversation with Marketing Wizard D’vorah Lansky on the Digital Revolution

Marketing Wizard D'vorah Lansky

Savvy Book Marketing (Savvy BestSellers) is honoured to be a host of the Virtual Tour for the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit!

Today, I am excited to be speaking with Marketing Wizard, D’Vorah Lansky, M.Ed., who has been marketing online and mentoring leaders since 1994. She is the bestselling author of Book Marketing Made Easy: Simple Strategies for Selling Your Nonfiction Book Online and the producer of the annual Book Marketing Conference Online and this year’s Digital Publishing Virtual Summit.

 D’vorah is the founder of the Book Marketing Alliance and the Book Marketing Made Easy Academy. She coaches and trains authors around the globe in online book marketing practices.

In this interview D’vorah shares with us how she became an author, her thoughts on the digital revolution, and what authors can do to make the most of the digital revolution. She also shares some excellent tips on how you can use technology to develop and share content, and what you can expect from the Digital Publishing Virtual Summit.

Click here to listen to the Interview

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  1. D'vorah Lansky

    Hi Eunice,
    Thank you so much for hosting me as a guest blogger for the digital publishing virtual tour! I look forward to connecting with your audience and am happy to answer any questions on digital publishing or online book marketing.

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  4. Philippa Rees

    Thank you D’vorah and Eunice. The idea of reading audio and podcasting a book had not occurred to me, but for mine would be an excellent way to put across both poetry and science. and possibly see an initial ‘read’ chapter, or provide the basis for discussion. I will join as much of the summit as the midnight hour in the UK permits!

    1. Author

      Hi Phillippa. Keep us informed of how your plans develop for the reading. Would love to team with you! See you at the Summit!

  5. D'vorah Lansky

    Hi Philippa! Let us know when you publish your audio book or podcast so we can help promote you!
    FYI – the digital summit begins at 10:00 AM Eastern (with 3-4 workshops per day T-W-Th), I believe that is late afternoon your time? In any case, enjoy!

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