Is Your Book Aesthetically Pleasing and Well Worth Reading?

Today it is my pleasure to host author Ellen Palestrant as part of the virtual book tour for her book: HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creativity. A warm welcome to Ellen and her audience, as my first guests in this soft launch period of my new brand. Enjoy Ellen’s article and while you’re here take time to browse the site. I welcome your feedback.

Here is Ellen’s post:

I take this as the first manifestation of the 500-channel world, with too many choices, each pretending to be revolutionary, when they’re almost interchangeable. Robert Goldberg, TV critic

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Thank you Eunice, The Book Marketing Mentor, for hosting me on this virtual book tour celebration for the book ‘Have you Ever Had a Hunch? The Importance of Creativity.’ I look forward to interacting with your audience and welcome their comments or questions.


Do you feel secure about the book you have created? Is it in its best possible form? I ask these questions because the most important marketing tool for you is the confidence you have in what you have created; being in love with what you have. Is the content valuable? Are both the book and the environment in which it is showcased, aesthetically pleasing?

I suspect that most of you are proud of your books and deservedly so. There is nothing easy about writing a book. It really is an enormous achievement to have completed one. It takes discipline, vision, a sense of purpose, sacrifice – and I hope, a good deal of joy as well. But you do want your book to be a success and the marketing can be confusing. There are so many good choices today in both this virtual and real world. What’s more, most are affordable. What do you choose from all these multiple options? All? Some?

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Don’t waste time if you find it difficult to strategize but, instead, find advice from marketing experts who can propel you along. In the meantime, continue to do your research in identifying your audience in both virtual and live groups. This you can do well because you really know the contents of your book. Also, build up a supply of valuable content-driven information for your blogs.

However, what is sometimes overlooked but really important in the marketing of your book, is the aesthetics: both the inside of the book and its cover. At the very least, these should be pleasing, but better still, eye-catching so that it will stand out in a market of many, many books. If you feel you do not have the ability to achieve this on your own, hire someone who can. Your book is on display. The content is there, but it is important for it to have aesthetic appeal as well.

A good idea, also, is to create other products to complement your books. For example, what about philosophical statements drawn from your book that could be placed on beautiful notecards and sold? The good thing about related products is that they can draw people to your website who were not looking for books at the time, but for products such as cards, mugs, sock, ties, scarves or t-shirts, (on which your words or your visuals had been artfully placed) and therefore, to your actual book as well. But whatever you produce as an accompaniment to your beloved product, it must also be aesthetically pleasing. An artistic eye is an important marketing tool.

Creativity must be at the forefront of both the book you have written and the home in which it dwells: your website. Make your website beautiful, inviting, informative, valuable, lively – and individually yours. This, after all is where you invite your audience. This is a reflection of you and your creativity. In many ways, the website is your theater and you need to put on a really good show to attract and keep your audience. Valuable content and an aesthetically pleasing domain, to which you have invited guests, are both extremely important in your creative, book-marketing journey.

ellen palestrantThis feature is part of the Virtual Book Tour celebration for Ellen Palestran’s book HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creativity. Join the celebration and follow the tour.

Ellen Palestrant is a writer, artist, filmmaker, educator, game inventor, hydroponic farmer, creative conceptualizer and creativity consultant. Among her nine published books, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking is now in its Third Edition.

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