Learn Strategies for Becoming a Kindle Bestseller

You have a message to share with the world, so you have written this great book. Yes, you are quite happy, too, to share it with your colleagues, friends and family. So you are content. No need to become a bestselling author. Right? Wrong!

Didn’t I hear you say that you had a message to share? Then what better way than to reach as many persons as possible with your message? That’s one great reason for becoming a bestselling author. Need more?

  • Momentum. Becoming a bestselling author will give your book momentum. It means that you are generating sales and persons are finding your writing entertaining and interesting. Keep moving forward.
  • Feels great. How would it feel to know that your work is impacting the lives of many?
  • Increased visibility. With hundreds of thousands of books on Amazon, people do not always have time to search for books. Bestseller lists and rankings, guide readers to books that would interest them. Hence the use of categories. Becoming a bestselling author helps your book get noticed. Now, when you are interviewed by the Media you can refer to yourself as a Bestselling Author. What does that do? It causes persons to enquire about your book. Persons in the book industry, too, will also begin to notice your book.
  • Increased Sales. Becoming a bestselling author means that your book is selling, perhaps even outselling the other books in our categories – more revenue, right? You will most likely find it easier to sell your book, since it was good enough and generated enough interest and sales to take it to the best seller list. (Hey you are getting monetary rewards for doing something you love)! It may also make the sale of your next book easier – although it heightens the expectations for your next book.
  • Credibility.  Having published a book, which made it to the bestseller lists because it entertained or informed people to the extent that they want to receive more of your work and share it with others, says something about you as an author. It gives you extra credibility. After all, not every book is a bestseller.
  • Become recognized as an expert. You are now perceived as an expert. Now’s the opportunity to design a personal development programme based on your bestselling book and share your inspiration with others. Start thinking of what products you can develop which are in line with what you wrote in your book.
  • Command Higher Rates. As an expert you will now be able to command higher rates for your services and products.
  • Get Paid to Speak. Your speaking career has just begun, or you can plan to take your speaking to a higher level. As a bestselling author you are in a position to empower others by sharing your message. Others will want to learn from you and find out what works and what doesn’t. Get ready for professional speaking opportunities!

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