I’m so glad you found me. You might have been searching for some guidance on marketing your non-fiction business book, or perhaps you were looking for new ways to generate income from your book and reach new clients. Either way, I am here to help you monetize your book and become a recognized authority in your field.

I am Eunice Nisbett, The Book Marketing Mentor. How did I get to this stage? Well, despite a successful 20 year career in the administrative field in the corporate world, I began to feel stuck and had the urge to spread my wings and experience the Black with red background reducedfreedom of being my own person, setting my schedule to allow time for my family and those in my circles. This I did at the beginning of 2008 when I started my online business.

Starting off as an Administrative Services Consultant, I provided support for entrepreneurs and live training and coaching for local businesses in the areas of administrative skills and customer service. Those were exciting events and I was always moved by the positive difference coaching made on the lives of others. Locally, my corporate clients included the local Social Security Board, banks, supermarkets, and leading businesses. I have also been privileged to partner with regional and international companies in delivering live training and events.

However, as I recognized the benefits of working online, such as meeting and partnering with exciting new people the world over, growing a global business, and being able to have a global reach, I decided to focus on my online business. Having been an avid reader from an early age, working with authors was a natural next step.

I trained with leading book marketing experts and learnt the secrets of successfully marketing a book online. I went on to provide administrative support for authors who wanted more than just being published. I also invested in listening and conversing with bestselling authors and leaders in the book marketing industry to learn what really works in creating bestsellers and how authors can build a lucrative online brand that works for them time and time again, even while they’re having fun.

Having seen many visionary business book authors struggle with sharing their message with the world and getting their work recognized, my passion and mission for authors is to help them unleash their potential by sharing their masterpiece with the world, and becoming bestselling authors.

My author clients recognize me as a savvy mentor, who inspires confidence, stays abreast of technology, spots opportunities on their behalf, and maintains standards of excellence.

I am deeply committed to empowering you to monetize your book and to create a thriving online brand that will position you as a leader in your field. To that end, I bring together my experience as an administrative professional in the corporate world, a trainer, an online business manager and marketer for over five years, my training as a book marketing specialist, and training in sales and management; to provide the personal mentoring and programs you need to propel you to success.

Let me show you how you can use your book to expand your income and reach, become recognized as a leader, get new clients, and grow a thriving online book-based business that will help you achieve your goals.

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