Author Interview 5: “Entrepreneur to Ultrpreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game” — A Conversation with Julian

Click here to listen in to my conversation with The Online Genius

Award winning digital marketer, Julian Hall (also known as ‘The Online Genius’), is counting down to the launch of his second book: Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to Up Your Game.  I caught up with Julian for a pre-launch interview and invite you to listen in as he shares his reasons for writing the book, his definition of an Ultrapreneur, and what we can look forward to in this new book.

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  1. Julian Hall

    Hi Eunice

    Thank you so much for speaking with me and hosting me as a guest blogger as a lead up to the launch of my new book. I look forward to connecting with your audience and will be happy to answer any questions on my new book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur 100 Ways to Up Your Game, or on social media marketing



    1. Author

      It was indeed a pleasure speaking with you Julian.Your book is excellent!

    1. Author

      It is Cherrye! Something every entrepreneur (ultrapreneur), including the entrepreneurial author, can certainly use. I think each saying will mean something different to each reader, in terms of how it is applied to grow their business or achieve a balance.

      Appreciate you dropping by.

  2. Micki Peluso

    Eunice, this book sounds like a winner. I wish Julian great success with it and may find myself in need of it soon.

    All the best,


    1. Author

      Wonderful, Micki! I will convey your best wishes to Julian. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Sandra McLeod Humphrey

    Julian, your book sounds wonderful and I just ordered a Kindle edition. While I was there, I also liked your book and liked your Author Page. Wishing you and your book the best!

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