Pros and Cons of Self Publishing


Pros and Cons of Self Publishing

Do you dream of the day when you will see your book in print? The big question is whether to have it published in the more traditional manner or whether you should consider self publishing. There are definitely benefits to publishing yourself; however, it doesn’t come without its challenges.

Cons of Self Publishing

Let’s discuss the challenging aspects of self publishing first. You will be responsible for the following aspects:

  1. Financing: You will need to source funding for the book’s production – this can cost you from hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  2. Formatting: This includes turning your manuscript into a galley, creating a marketable title and front cover. It also includes typesetting, creating the layout, editing and printing.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Be ready to market and promote your book and to fund all the costs associated with doing so.
  4. Details: You will need to invest your time in looking after the hundreds of details that go into the book before it actually sits on a shelf in a book store.
  5. Support:  You do not have the expertise of a publisher and agent to walk you through the process of having your book published traditionally.
  6. Jack of all Trades:  The responsibility for book sales, filling orders, sending invoices and collecting payment is all yours.

Pros of Self Publishing

Even though there can be a great deal of work in preparing your book for self publishing and the hundreds of details can be time consuming, there are definitely benefits:

  1. Control. You will have more control of your book from the beginning to the end, which includes more than just writing it. You call the shots on everything and are not forced to make compromises on things you may believe are right for your book. This may include everything from choosing the title to knowing how you want to market it.
  2. Reduced Timeline. You can have your books displayed on a book store’s shelves much quicker than the standard one to three years a trade publisher may take. It’s possible to have it printed in approximately eight weeks.
  3. Profits. The profits are yours to keep.
  4. Rights. You retain all rights to the book.

Review the pros and cons of self-publishing and ask yourself whether the challenges are worth facing. Are you prepared to spend the time and money necessary to ensure you have a professionally completed product that will do you proud?

Self publishing doesn’t have to be difficult, yet it will take time. Many authors believe it is the best way to get their book to the public. It can also be the most self-gratifying experience you will ever have, and seeing your book on bookshelves is thrilling.