Hiding Behind Your Name?

So now you’ve written the book, it’s edited, proofread, and you’re ready to design the cover and you think…should I use my real name or a fake name? Umm, if I use my real name then everyone will know it’s me and I will be asked lots of questions, people will start pointing me out on the streets, I will now be a public figure! Ahhhhhhhh….. No no, I think I should go with a fake name, whew.. that’s safer….no one will know who I am, will not point me out on the streets and I won’t have to face answering questions.. yeah that sounds better. But wait…. If I go with a fake name, how will I market my book? It is mine after all, I put a lot of work into this and why shouldn’t I be known for that, why shouldn’t I take some credit for the sleepless nights.. Hey, I deserve it!

People, people, people, while the choice is ultimately yours to decide on whether to use your real name or fake name (pseudonym), I think from the conversation above that it makes more sense to use your real name. I know I would want to. Why not? Think of all the awards you can get, the publicity, the request to be a guest speaker or expert on a talk show… you may even end up on Oprah or Dr Phil! It’s not impossible!! I say go for it!! Put yourself out there, or else why write a book in the first place; to stay hidden? I think not. Walking that red carpet isn’t so bad.. right?

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Corine is a Certified Author Assistant and Virtual Event Specialist. She is the owner of www.helpdeskja.com and host of Between The Lines, an online programme featuring tips and how to’s from authors, editors and critical resource persons who make up the publishing industry. Follow her @authorasst and “like” her at helpdeskja.