I have had the opportunity to work with Eunice on a number of projects. If you want something handled in a professional, detailed and successful manner she is the best person that I could recommend. Eunice takes pride in assignments and it is reflected in every area...Read More »


“With remarkable precision and a thorough knowledge of virtual book marketing, Eunice Nisbett, The Book Marketing Mentor, organized an incredible virtual tour for my book, HAVE YOU EVER HAD A HUNCH? The Importance of Creative Thinking. She zeroed-in on the most appropriate of audiences, blogs and podcasts for this...Read More »


When set up  properly, virtual blog tours are a wonderful way to promote a book. Eunice Nisbett is a whiz at setting them up. She works with top bloggers and podcasters and fills tour schedules. I have used her services in book marketing campaigns for authors and recommend...Read More »


Eunice Nisbett did one heck of a job lining up a virtual blog tour for my memoir, The Horse Lover. She made the effort to contact and schedule appearances with some of the best horse bloggers online. She certainly kept me busy and all the activity paid off...Read More »


“Working with The Book Marketing Mentor was indeed a pleasure and a great learning experience. I found Eunice to be extremely resourceful, helpful, encouraging and motivating! Her very optimistic personality kept me committed when I felt like giving up!

Working with Eunice also taught me that writing a book is great,...Read More »


‘Working with Eunice was just what I needed. I’ve been wanting to publish a book for a while now and didn’t quite have all the pieces in place to realize the finer details of making it happen. Eunice opened my eyes to so many more things that are possible and...Read More »


“I found Eunice Nisbett to be highly capable, industrious, reliable, and personable at all levels while working with me concerning marketing innovations.” Micki Peluso

...Read More »


“When Eunice and I connected about providing online book marketing for Ma William and Her Circle of Friends, I was totally unaware of the options for marketing my book online. This quickly changed, as she ably guided me on my online book marketing options. I have encountered new avenues for...Read More »


“As a busy author and community leader it is extremely helpful for me to know that important projects are being worked on with excellence and diligence, without my having to micro-manage. I greatly appreciate Eunice’s work ethic, standard of excellence, and joyful personality. She is a delight to work with.”...Read More »


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“Eunice played a key role in getting me onto the Amazon best sellers list and eventually to No.1 in my category. She showed a huge willingness to help and guided me to spot opportunities that propelled me on to success. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the latest...Read More »