Replay Available – 10 Things Authors Do to Sabotage their Books’ Success

What a time we had! The Self Publishing Center hosted its first free Teleseminar “10 Things Authors Do to Sabotage Their Books’ Success in grand style, and we have been getting rave reviews about the information and the delivery of the presentation.  Here’s what one of our attendees had to say:

 “I was impressed with this morning’s Teleseminar “The 10 Things Authors do to Sabotage their Books Success” – and for FREE! – It zeroed in on the most crucial aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing a book. As often happens – I wished I had gleaned some of these tips prior to the publication of my book (like the importance of title, mine could have been more dramatic or dynamic). My main interest was in marketing – and the seminar worked through the intricacies of “how to get my book out there” while balancing costs, using social media to my best advantage, and left me a myriad of marketing ideas to be considered. Thanks so much Carol-Ann, Corine and Eunice!”

This feedback lets us know that we are on the right track!

Our vision is for the Self Publishing Center to become your central, go to place for support with Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. When we conceived the idea of The Self Publishing Center it was with the thought of providing a support network for authors. A space where authors could meet to have their questions answered and where they would find a one-stop portal for professional support services. The mission of the center is to educate, mentor and create opportunities for authors, from writing through to marketing.

On the call, we were able to answer burning questions such as:

  • Can self-publishing lead to a deal with a “traditional” publisher, or is it an “end in itself”? In other words, is it seen as a stepping stone or can one become a well-established and famous author (like Stephen King for example) in the world of self-publishing?
  • Who would your database include?
  • My historical novel was published one and a half years ago.  I need to reboot sales, esp ebook. Any suggestions?

Do you want to know the answers to those questions and more, and benefit from being a part of a support group that is second to none? Subscribe here and gain instant access to the replay of “10 Things Authors do to Sabotage Their Books’ Success.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and comments! Send it to us at with a picture of yourself, so it can be featured on our testimonial page; or post to the Facebook comments here.

Join us for the replay and enjoy.