Savvy Author’s Nook

Gardenia Destang is known for screen plays and the first local television mini-series “Heartstrings” an eight, 30 minute episode romantic drama on the issues of HIV and great love, for which she was the writer, producer, and director. She also wrote, directed, and co-produced the well known play “Do you Know Damien” a two-2 hour 15 minute full production.

Gardenia’s love for writing was given full expression when, on a whim, she decided to write her first book and not a script, as it seemed much less stressful to see the end result. With plays and scripts, she would have had to worry about getting a cast, locations, sets and all that comes with such productions. Being a perfectionist for the most part, Gardenia decided that she did not want to go through that again, fully understanding this from past experience. So she decided on a book where she could get carried away in her head with the story and the characters. The end result – Becoming Me.