Savvy Social Media Marketing for Authors

You’re an author. Therefore you are operating a business. Hard to imagine when you started writing your book that you would be considered to be a businessperson, yet that is exactly what you are.

Part of growing a business is marketing, which includes networking, and of course in the case of the online space – using social media to grow your network and net worth. There’s social media -- ID-100290335really no avoiding it, if you wish to grow your book-based business, increase readership, and generate book sales.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thousands of social networking sites currently on the Internet. It’s best to focus on two or three that are most beneficial to you and which you are most comfortable with, and leave the rest alone – especially when you are just starting out.

How to use Social Media

First of all don’t make the mistake that many other authors have done in the past. Social Media is for connecting not selling. What does this mean? It means that you should not use your social media accounts simply to promote your book. Get involved by creating and participating in conversations that will lead to more book sales. More buyers purchase from someone they know and trust rather than some unknown person who continues to just promote.

Create a Profile

  • Your profile is your brand and used for everything including social media, your book blog, and any marketing material you create
  • Determine in advance whether you wish to promote yourself or your book
  • Create a professional profile with a photo of yourself (smiling)
  • Use the same profile for each social media network you belong to – be consistent

Tips for Networking Through Social Media

  • Create a regular schedule to interact with others on your networks and posting comments
  • Join groups with the same interests as yours
  • Build relationships – don’t just sell – let people really get to know who you are

Important Social Networking Sites for Authors

  • A Facebook Page is probably one of the most important social networking sites for authors
  • LinkedIn – this is particularly useful for business book authors. While joining author groups is great for networking, also seek out groups interested in your book’s topic.
  • Twitter is a useful addition to your social networking and can yield results if you develop an appropriate strategy.
  • GoodReads – this is the largest site in the world for readers and book recommendations

Amazon Central

Don’t overlook your Amazon Author Central Author’s Page. This the perfect place (a goldmine) to draw new readers into your network. This is where readers will also go for more information on you and your book and hopefully leave comments for you to respond to, providing another way to connect.

Networking on social media is definitely a “must do” for authors in this Internet Age, and if done correctly, it can be extremely beneficial in marketing your book, boosting your credibility and sales, growing your thriving online book-based business, and establishing you as a leader online.

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