Using Amazon for research as you write your book

Most times we think of Amazon simply as a promotional tool. However, Amazon is a virtual marketplace and it thus lends itself to conducting research. Here are a few ways you can use Amazon for research during the planning stages of writing your book:

  1. Thinking of a title for you book? Browse Amazon and see what other books in your genre have similar titles.
  2. Look at the rankings of books in your categories and see how readers rank the books. What makes some books stand out?
  3. What types of reviews are readers leaving on books in your genre? Observe their feedback to get an idea of what your readers will be looking for.
  4. What is the price range for books in your genre and of similar size (number of pages)? Use this to help you determine the price point for your book.
  5. As you review books in your genre, see what keywords are used, especially for bestselling books. Look at category placements. This will help you position your book for maximum visibility.

Amazon can truly be a goldmine for the author. Are you making the most use of it? Need more gems like these, weekly? Sign up for BestSeller Gems Newsletter.



  1. Micki Peluso

    Great ideas!! As much as I dislike amazon for various reasons, I will use them–payback for their shoddy treatment of writers.


    1. Author

      Hi Micki
      Glad you found this post useful. I always appreciate your feedback.

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