Why a Book Blog?

Whether you are  thinking of publishing a book, or already have published your book, you will need to consider setting up a book blog. What is a Book Blog?

A Book Blog is really a home for you and your book. Traditionally, books were sold in book shops and your sales were mainly within a local market. Today, with the explosion of the Internet, marketing online is the way to get your story out there. It is the way to promote your brand and do so effectively.

Here are three great reasons for creating a blog:

  1. Just as in traditional marketing you needed a book shop for promoting your books, in today’s world you create your own book shop through a blog. Your blog is your home online for your book. It is your platform for sharing your message and your products; and to build community.
  2. A  book blog helps you to connect with your audience. As you post, you will need to phrase the content of your blog in a way that invites comments.
  3. Your blog will make it easy for your readers, worldwide, to get a copy of your book in their hands

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  1. Giftus John

    Very eye opening comments. Things are changing rapidly in the world of publishing and with online marketing almost the craze of the day, these are sound ideas and concepts. As a self-published author myself, I know it can be a lonely journey going through the process and letting your book find its place globally. Authors do not write to keep their books stored and hoping for a call from a person interested in buying a copy…they want the readers out there to have easy access to the books, and to find out from the author a lot more than what the intro or the cover story tells about the book. A great idea.

  2. Author

    Thank you for visiting our blog, Giftus and taking the time to leave a comment. We are here to hold authors’ hands and to partner with them to create their brand and enhance their online presence.

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