Why authors need to learn about “Press Releases,” “Blogs,” and “Web Design”

I am pleased to be hosting Connie Dunn as a stop on the Virtual Book Tour for her book Press Releases Made Easy. Using News Releases to Market Your Business. Press Releases are a powerful tool which authors can effectively use to market their books, I am sure that this book is going to be a handy reference tool for authors. Congratulations Connie!

To market your book effectively, you need to learn how to write a good press release, write compelling blog articles, and design a Website that supports your best marketing efforts.

Press Releases need to start your marketing launch by announcing your events to the widest and most appropriate publications. Understanding your target market helps you know what publications that you want to target. Of course, sending a press release is not a guarantee that it will get published. For this reason, writing a press release that is stellar will put your release at the top of the stack.

Blogs are the basis for a good book marketing plan. You’ll be writing guest blogs during a “Virtual Book Tour,” which means you will visit a lot of blogs around the Web that speak to the topic of your book. Blog articles should be between 400-800 words. While the goal is to promote your book, you may find that some of your hosts may not directly relate to your book’s topic. If this happens, then you will need to slant your article to suit the target audience of the blog you are visiting.

At the end of your post, include your signature which will direct people to your book page or blog. It should also incorporate your photograph and your book’s cover. Get creative in designing your signature, which will go at the bottom of each guest blog.

Include in the design of your book, or author’s Website some specific pages that will support your “Virtual Book Tour”. Obviously, you need a page on your Website that summarizes your book. You also need these pages:

  • Bio
  • Contact information
  • Events, including speaking engagements and your stops on your “Virtual Book Tour
  • Endorsements
  • Media, which needs to have your picture, a bio, a summary of your book, and a picture of your cover
  • Blog, which will also have a blog post to promote each day’s stop on your “Virtual Book Tour.”

Do include an Opt-In, to allow persons to receive a Free Report, or E-Book. This will help you build your database of contacts or your list.

The design of your Website’s Header should include your picture and your book cover. If the site is more of an author site, rather than a book site, then a graphic representing all your books would be more appropriate than a single book. The colors, graphics, etc. is all part of your branding.

Bringing together the three pieces of Press Releases, Blogs, and Web Design will do much to extend the reach of your marketing campaign.


Connie Dunn is the author of “Press Release Made Easy” an author’s guide to writing Press Releases. Connect with Connie at www.conniedunnbooks.com/books/press-releases-made-easy and learn more about writing Press Releases. Visit her Blog at www.conniedunnbooks.com/blog/ or Events Page at www.conniedunnbooks.com/events/.

Follow Connie on her tour from July 1-21. On the 21st, a Trivia Quiz will be posted to her Blog! Prizes will be awarded for the first six people. For details see www.conniedunnbooks.com/events/trivia-contest/ 



  1. Connie Dunn

    Thank you, Eunice, for hosting me on my first Virtual Book Tour. While this is not my first book, it is the first time that I am marketing my book this manner. Having fun! I look forward to interacting with your audience and invite all to check out my site, to play, as I am also running a trivia contest.

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