Why Authors Should Create A Book Trailer

Do you know that another way to market your book is by creating a book trailer? Things have changed a great deal since the time when an author had to go through the harrowing process of first submitting to a literary agent who then had to try and get the book picked up by a major publishing house.

Things have changed a lot, thanks to the advancement of technology. Authors can now get their work published in hours after completion, thanks to useful platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon and others. However, all is not smooth sailing because authors still have to market their work on their own. This is where the book trailers come in.

ID-10070021In the beginning, book trailers were simply creative PowerPoint presentations, but have gained popularity for book marketing. Many authors are now improving the quality of the trailers with the content ranging from simple homemade videos to productions complete with the full blockbuster glitz.

In the end, authors don’t go to all that trouble to create book trailers for their already published books for nothing, and outlined below are reasons why more authors should embrace this form of book marketing.

Ideal For Authors On Low Budget

Authors who are on a very low budget can create book trailers using free downloadable software from the Internet and all you will need is a computer with a webcam.

Increased SEO

More and more people search for information from videos and with that increase in traffic, book trailers will definitely be found.
Several good book trailers from an author will definitely generate a lot of interest in the form of views and this will automatically translate to increased book sales. Also, with the higher rankings accorded to videos by major search engines such as Google, which actually owns YouTube, book trailers can be at the top of the list of a topic search.

Effective For Creating An Instant Connection

Through the video, viewers will hear your voice or see the person behind the book and instantly connect with you. A well-done book trailer will definitely generate more leads to your official website which will then convert into book sales, all thanks to that powerful connection.

Great Source Of Website Traffic

Video is currently one of the best sources of traffic to the main website. An author will effectively create interest with a book trailer and direct the viewers to their own website using the notes right next to the video or by simply having the website included in the video itself. With website traffic increased, the subscriber list will of course grow and eventually book sales will be higher as well.

With the above reasons listed it’s important that every self-published author consider using a book trailer to promote and market their book and not be overwhelmed by the process.