The Why and What of Blogging

You’ve heard that you should keep your blog up to date and blog regularly, yet it is a challenge for you. Here are five good reasons for keeping your blog up to date:

  1. It provides readily available information for publishers to assess your work.
  2. As a self-published author your blog is the platform for marketing your work. Link your social media to your blog and create a personal network.
  3. Most times your name is tied to your blog. When people search for you online they end up at your blog. You control what they see and learn about you. An up-to-date blog indicates that you are still in the author business:)
  4. What better way to sharpen your writing, than by keeping writing? Your blog gives you the opportunity to become better at your skill.
  5. Blogging enhances your credibility and visibility.

If your issue is what to write, then here are a few blogging ideas for you:

  • How to articles/videos/podcasts
  • A list of ways to accomplish a task
  • Your writing journey and things you have learned along the way
  • Your events
  • An interesting experience

Remember to bring ‘you’ to your writing. Set a goal to start blogging regularly, even once a week. Then share your blog with your social networks.